Monday, June 22, 2015

Chennai Station Curry House (Seksyen 11, Petaling Jaya)

As we parked along the narrow lane further down before Sri Paandi and Sri Grand City, we sure noticed Chennai Station at the corner lot which used to be Suchan Deli. Of course, when a new restaurant makes its presence known in an area we are familiar with, we wouldn't mind trying. Walking in, we realised that there's not much changes in the ambiance as how Suchan was. Maybe just a little modification but the floor, the food counter and I think the tables and chairs recycled as well. But if you have not been the customer of Suchan which has moved to Empire Subang, the deco resembling a modern Indian restaurant you will be impressed. Sure, clean and spacious as well.

As we sat, the smiling sweet-young-thing came over with the menu. Looking across at the bare food counter with just a few pre-prepared dishes, we ordered the vegetarian beriyani, mutton beriyani, bru coffee, tea, fried fish and dessert called for almond kulfi.

Despite just two tables being occupied, quite a wait for the food and drinks. The vegetarian beriyani - grainy basmati rice cooked with masala, green peas, beans and cauliflower, paired with vegetable raita, sambar/dhal curry, papadam and a piece of apple. The basmati rice was flavourful and the raita and dhal curry would get a pass. Still, my other half wasn't really impressed but agreed that for RM9.00, worth the meal.
The mutton beriyani no doubt fared way better. Soft mutton pieces in the thick tasty gravy and the sun coloured masala rice similarly tasty for that bit of spiciness. The accompanied basically the same as for the vegetarian set and portion just nice for a small eater like me.
The fried fish would also get a pass though a common item available 365 days in other Indian restaurants.
The almond kulfi/Indian ice cream I triple loved - smooth-creamy with tiny bits of almonds and generously scented with cardamom for the melting moment once you take the first bite. This kulfi highly recommended.
We drank up the tea and bru coffee, settled the bill and happily walked out of the restaurant which draws decent crowd and the service, quite slow but attentive.

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  1. i am totally feeling the masala rice

  2. The kind of food I'd love to gorge on! The kulfi looks divine!!

  3. kulfi is attracting me and the fried fish too

  4. haha I like to finish my meals with dessert too- it just doesn't seem right not to end on a sweet note! The fried fish looks really tasty! I don't have Indian food often enough- this is making me really hungry!

  5. Nice review and yummy yummy pics..... Wanna visit curry house whenever we go to Chennai.... :)

  6. Your description of the kulfi makes my mouth water! Lovely!

  7. I am hooked over the kulfi there :)

  8. lovely menu and beautiful curry house dear

  9. It mst b so much fun fr u to sample food at diff restaurants.. the kulfi has to be my fav here :D

  10. that fried fish tempting me a lot..:)

  11. Looks like a good place for south Indian food lovers.


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