Friday, May 22, 2015

Soup Restaurant - 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

Malaysian companies (sorry Malaysians) I am puzzled why they prefer the sweet-young-thing (swt) bloggers with long sunsilk hair, mini/micro mini, coloured contact lenses, platform shoes and longkang (ahem, the cleavage) showing. Blogger like me, who is nava-k? Must be one typical Indian woman, so why invite her for beauty events. To say my England (English) is unpolished, I don't deny. But try reading the pretty sweet demure young thing's blog and you will know what I mean. I'm not criticising anyone out there, just that I can't understand. That's okay because my fair share of beauty products I'm proud are from global mindset organisations instead of "age is the priority" Malaysian organisations.

Anyway, for the first time, I was invited for a beauty event. Not from the typical Malaysian company but I tumpang/piggy backed someone. Thus, coming from that a far distance to I Utama, I arrived 2 hours before the 2 o'clock event. 1 Utama if you are unfamiliar, you end up circling-circling and back to the same spot. Walking up and down with high heels and dolled up face, I had to rest my feet and hunger also called. At the entrance of Soup Restaurant, I quickly glanced at the menu featuring my kind of soupy dishes and then walked in. Most, in fact with all the tables in front taken up. I sat at the far end dining area. Unlike the front with lots of tall bamboo plants and 'Feng Shui' water element for wealth, it was simpler where I sat. But similar wooden tables and chairs and service, just spot-on. I sat, the staff came, she actually smiled at me and even suggested the dishes for one person. Fantastic. I ordered and as I pictured the menu, she smiled again and left me alone. 

Just then, came the appetizer, a tiny serving of lettuce leaves with soya sauce-sesame oil light sauce and fried shallots atop. Too soon I finished off  this "wake-me-up" lovely-inviting dish.
Within 5 minutes or so, double boiled waisan and ginger root chicken soup, rice and white fungus -pear-almond chilled dessert were served. Light and refreshing with two chunky pieces of chicken, some lotus roots, kei chi/wolf-berries and old ginger, this herbal soup my kind of soup. In fact, I also know how to make and I do make at home. While tucking in, I sincerely hoped the soup will inject plenty of energy and strength to drive out the tiredness due to the hours in front of the laptop. The portion I thought a bit small. Maybe if I have eaten with the rice and red chillies, I would have been full.

The chilled dessert - neutral tasting and chewable consistency white fungus, sweet, juicy and soft on the tongue pear pieces and crispy almonds. Soothing, refreshing and subtly sweet, I truly loved this nutritious, high collagen content and health promoting dessert. Certainly wasn't enough. Then again, I didn't want to call for another round just in case I can't finish up.
By the time I was done with lunch, the restaurant was already crowded and the loud talking customers, they were really loud until I didn't want to sit around. Instead of calling for the bill and waiting, I walked to the counter, paid RM33.65 and walked out energetically.

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  1. The food looks simple and delicious... This seems a decent place worth visiting :)

  2. can't believe so many options for soup could be there in one place

  3. Sounds like some fantastic soups! Looks delightful too!

  4. Oh this restaurant is also available at your area. Its well known for Samsui Ginger Chicken

  5. woahhh that's awesome!! We don't have anything like that here, eventhough there's plenty of chinese restaurants. The fungus soup looks so good- we usually make it home because there are very few restaurants who serve it near me, but it's so easy to over cook the fungus so that it's mushy!

  6. food looks a bit pricey but am sure the soup taste terrific. Yea...This reminds me I have to make some double boiled soup too.

  7. Very nice! Follow me on gfc and i Follow you back, Kiss

  8. Wonderful variety I must say. Everything looks delicious!


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