Monday, May 4, 2015

Skinfood Rice Mask

By all means, have a facial at beauty salons to pamper and maintain a clear complexion. Ultimately who doesn't like to lie back, ease tension and let the beauty therapist take care of the skin. Sounds amazing right?? I too would love such indulgence but since I have high expectations, a standard facial doesn't please me. I love those expensive pampering spa packages which I can only afford perhaps two or three times in a year(Jentayu Spa, Chakras Spa, Tanjung Wellness Spa and Chi Spa). At other times, its a me, myself and I over home facial - cheaper and with products bought at beauty stores (La Colline Eye Mask, Activa Action Mask and Garnier Peel Off Mask). 

I am currently using Skinfood rice mask. Not a new product in the market neither for me considering that I've used it a couple of years ago. I stopped using because I have been trying other types of masks. Recently when I was at the shopping mall, I bought the mask (around RM47.00) - one of South Korea-based Skinfood's best-selling products. 

Product Description
Rice Mask Wash Off is a creamy and luxurious face mask that lifts off excess oil and dirt from the skin’s surface to keep the complexion clear and soft. Rice grains, vitamins, minerals and gamma oryzanol moisturize and whiten skin for a fairer look. Apply on cleansed face with a gentle massaging motion, avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off. 

The instructions and ingredients are listed in English and Korean languages on the plastic semi-transparent jar with a plastic lid that comes without a spatula. I scoop and apply the mask with my clean finger after washing my face with warm water. Perhaps you can use a wooden spatula or an unused plastic spoon. The manufacturing and expiry dates are printed at the bottom of the jar. So use up the mask rather than keeping as an ornament in the fridge or on your dressing table away from the sun.

The gooey white texture is smooth. Easily spread out on the face. It smells nice and fresh with a hint of ground rice. After applying, it  feels cool, refreshing and didn't irritate my combination skin. The scrub beads are soft to gently exfoliate, loosen my blackheads and gently pressed out. I leave the mask for 15 minutes. Thereafter washed with warm water.   
The mask nourishes, brightens and gives a natural glow. It didn't dry out neither break me up with its hydrating effect. My skin definitely felt smooth for it provided sufficient moisture. However the effect doesn't last even for a week unless you don't mind using the super gentle mask every 3 days once and still continue with your daily beauty regime of cleansing and moisturizing to maintain your skin.
While its an excellent mask and worth repurchasing, I am looking forward to trying other masks from Skinfood.   

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  1. Product is looking interesting.will find out more.

  2. Good product. I have not come across any mask till now which gives glow more than 2 days, in that way I feel its okay :)

  3. I have heard abt rice masks and its benefits through Michelle Phan's videos.. With something so natural I would love to try it for sure.. nice product!!

  4. this instant products works well for me....good review

  5. Oh how I wish that supple, smooth skin lasted for a longer time. Rice mask sounds super good.

  6. Lovely review..the product looks worth trying..

  7. scrub and mask in one product - that's ingenious! worth trying!

  8. I like Skinfood too! They offer pretty good products :D

  9. Hi Nava, thanks for introducing this rice mask.Good review, well done.

    Have a nice week ahead, Best regards

  10. Love your blog and I am a new follower on GFC.
    I hope that you will follow me back :)


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