Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Hai Jing - Kampung Jawa (Klang)

Its customary for the family to come together for a meal when there's a happy occasion. Indeed we were told that dinner is at about 7pm at this restaurant situated along the main road just after the Kampung Jawa roundabout. We however over shot and drove further down until we realised that we have missed the restaurant. So we turned back, made a few calls and finally arrived at the huge restaurant with ample parking at the entrance.

Similar to other coffee shop style restaurants, the ambiance is just basic. Tables lined with red table cloth with plastic chairs to sit. I won't say the surrounding is well maintained or utmost clean. Well, I suppose if you don't see the kitchen and don't go the toilet, you should be comfortable. The dining area can easily accommodate at least 500 people at one go. As we walked in, a few tables were already taken up. Food was ordered for 11 adults and 2 kids while drinks were basically pots of Chinese tea. As usual,  peanuts, sliced red chillies and chopped garlic were placed of the table before the rest of the dishes arrived.

Yam basket filled with colourful veggies and cashew nuts over a bed of crispy fried rice noodles was the first item we sampled. The visually attractive dish was quite a big portion for all of us to tuck in. Yam basket has always been my favourite. After a mouthful of this yam basket, I knew its not the best among the many types I have had before. The taste was just okay. In fact, I felt as though it lacked additional seasoning.
As we finished off the yam basket, the rest of the dishes have come by. Everyone helped themselves to which they wanted to eat first. Omelette fried with onion and spring onion obviously made the kids happy. The adults were also seen quickly pinching it off. This basic simply fried fluffy eggs fared right. Basically a simple dish yet a must whenever we dine at Chinese restaurants.  
Crispy flour coated fried squids/sotong was also liked for its simplicity. As you know such a dish always taste good when eaten immediately. Within minutes the dish was polished off.  
Another kid friendly dish was the clay pot tofu with veggies in a thick gooey gravy. The two kids happily eat but since they couldn't finish off, we adults had a chance to sample as well. Personally I found the dish to be quite bland. Just like the yam basket, nothing outstanding about the taste. 
Kangkung belacan had to be one of the items knowing very well that somehow everyone would crave for water spinach stir fried over high heat with belacan, chillies and onion. The dish wasn't like what I expected. The green veggie was overcooked, soggy and lacked the spiciness. Still, there were takers who eat without commenting about the taste.    
Chicken Thai style consisted of crispy fried chicken pieces, thinly sliced cucumber, lots of onion and red chilli stripes. Enveloped in a sweet-sour-spicy sauce. I really couldn't no fault but somehow the dish was just not that compelling to me as the 5 essential big bold Thai flavours didn't stand out. I ate a little and seem like the rest weren't impressed either.  
Butter prawns, 2 different styles of asam fish and kam heong crabs were the next four dishes. Butter prawns revealed succulent fresh prawns in a crispy-crunchy and aromatic buttery crumble. While I won't down grade the dish, I will not praise it either for it didn't captivate my attention.  
I would rate the two types of asam fish as "so-so". Surely edible but again, I couldn't understand why the dishes didn't stand out with prominent flavours.

As always, Kam heong crab was kept aside as the last call. We dug in with our fingers, cracked open the claws with the hammer, pulled out the fresh meat and eat. Sure enough the taste was there.  But I didn't go to the extent of licking the thick dried prawns soy gravy from my fingers as I was expecting a powerful kick-back from the dish.   
After dinner, I was curious to find out how much did the bill come up to. I think RM450.00 was reasonable. However taste wise, the dishes were average. Didn't really make an impact on the taste buds of both of us.
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  1. It's interesting to see the different restaurants and the dishes available there in your posts. Everything looks good...it's only after reading your post we realize that not every pretty picture tastes as good. But I find this virtual tour rather enjoyable.

  2. Just Meh!! One of those restaurants where you will not go back even though price is reasonable...

  3. This place sound familiar. Like been there before. But must be long time ago. :)

  4. I like the fluffy eggs too!! And the crabs look interesting!

  5. OMG, would love to dig into these dishes! xoxo

  6. As always, gorgeous clicks, scrumptious food and beautiful narration. I always feel teleported to the place where your story is told and you always leave me wanting for more. Very nice.

  7. Wonderfully written review.. superb!!

  8. I don't mind if it is not a fancy place bt the food shud be delicious.. the food is so yummy i am hungry now

  9. Looks like an average one, nothing more nothing less.

  10. Loved the crispy fried rice with noodles and the crabs they look so tempting.. Well written review

  11. All of your clicks tempt me too much though you've mentioned abt the taste...Nice review...


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