Tuesday, May 19, 2015

D'Fong Restaurant - Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya

Happy! Happy! Happy on one side and nervous on the other after reading the message I'm in for the food bloggers Malay segment TV audition. The day came and the mock trial I didn't fumble but as a first time experience, let's face it, who won't be at least 30% nervous? Anyway, the young Indian "boy-boy" crew I think didn't know what he was talking about but like I cared. I wasn't disappointed but a waste to my precious time because they weren't even sure who or what sort of personality they are scouting for.

By the time the audition was over at about 2.00pm,  I was hungrily angry. D'Fong on the ground facing the main road I quickly walked in with the partner. Practically empty with the last group of customer finishing off their lunch meal, D'Fong from my lens - clean, neat and those beautiful big-bold colourful posters and red lanterns for the authentic Chinese ambiance. 

The menu sort of a thinner version of an encyclopaedia I flipped the pages and quickly ordered . Otherwise I would have literally rolled on the carpeted floor and cried. By the way, while ordering and as the staff noticed I was taking pictures, she hinted, the menu potentially will be revamped to include new dishes.  

With the roller blade service, came the Chinese tea and the brown sauce and chilli sauce. Thereafter the dim sum items one after other that soon. Chinese tea for me, tasted just like, what shall say? Well, Chinese tea truly appreciated for my dry throat after the "can you please repeat again and again" audition.

The prawn chee cheong fun - steamed rice rolls tucked with succulent fresh prawns and over a light runny sauce and chilli oil, awesomeness as the first dish for the dainty melting moment and into the growling tummy within 2 minutes. .
The deep fried yam puffs, different because these were shaped as cups, the top snipped open and creamy mayonnaise based sauce atop. Crunchy and crumbly and filled with chicken, flavours were not bold but you will lovingly love. Just so good!!
The other crispy fried dim sum item was the cheese prawn rolls. Crispy skin packed with oozy cheese, minced prawns and paired with the same type of creamy sauce as for the yam puffs. Taste-wise - a heaven calling dish we again agreed worth the call.   
The smokey minced pork rolls - minced fresh meat, tightly rolled with pastry, drenched in a soy based sauce and over a little bed of lettuce leaves. The components or shall I say ingredients worked well together for the over-the average taste.  
The last item, the minimalistic steamed prawn dumplings. This stuff I expected from a restaurant that labels itself for authentic dim sum dishes. Having had such dumpling countless times, I still won't mind raving.  
Then came the complimentary lychee jelly. What a nice gesture I thought as a bait so that customers will happily return again. The clear jelly, delicate and with the right balance of sweetness to further tantalise our taste buds. Of course a nice ending to the dim-sum meal.  
A satisfying meal just enough for two people (around RM37.00), I shall not hesitate to return to D'Fong and definitely at least 10 minutes or so to read up the menu before knowing for sure which dishes to order instead or rushing like this unexpected dining experience.  

D'Fong Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I liked the whole ambience of this place and the food is something unusual n different yet tasty :)

  2. Hello Ms.Nava..yehey finally I saw your picture ;) you're the sweetest with those smiles..I love lychees and I was craving with the last one..so cute I don't want to eat it hehehe..visiting you..hugs..

  3. Food looks delicious! Wouldn't I love to try the lychee jelly!:)

  4. Food looks great and I love the lychee jelly!

  5. looks like you got it all, cheap lunch at low price and best part quick service
    Keep in touch

  6. Entire spread looks amazing & that gorgeous lychee jelly..love to grab one...

  7. I love the items that you have ordered. Yumy dishes all.

  8. Oh My Gosh...All of it looks so yummyiiee! Those cheese prawns & lychee jellys are looking good :)


  9. Beautiful interiors. Food looks good as well.


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