Monday, April 20, 2015

Taste Enclave Classic - Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (Non Halal)

Seldom the drive to the city and today, I had a valid reason. "Yeh-Yeh" to this food review I looked forward to as the wonderful Taste Enclave Sunway Pyramid dining experience still there on my mind. Though it took a while to locate Pavilion. I sure arrived in one piece and met my lunch companions in Taste Enclave Classic - located on the second level and occupying 6,000 sq. feet to accommodate approximately 190 diners whereas the private room for a more intimate celebration can seat 16 people. Set in a lush foliage and a great expanse of greenery, the interior allows diners to experience a tranquil sense of escape while feasting in absolute comfort.

Taste Enclave Classic marks owner Willie Tay's second foray into the Malaysian culinary landscape by offering nostalgic hawker fare and authentic quality cuisine on a single holistic platform. Bearing the diners’ complete satisfaction in mind, the good people behind Taste Enclave Classic have taken great measures in selecting Kuala Lumpur’s finest food ambassadors to be a part of this food atrium.

Diners can expect stalls and one cafe offering a smorgasbord of flavours and tastes including from Coen Cafe which offers Italian cuisine to excite the local palate. Most of the stalls are equipped with open concept kitchen that enable diners to take a peek at the preparation of their food if they so wish. After a walk around the dining area, I returned to the table for the start to this food tasting.

Lunch opened up with Lotus Root Soup and Coconut Soup alongside with the fresh pineapple juice and red apple juice. Truly authentic, the soups simmered with Chinese herbs without MSG were the natural goodness and nourishment. While the former is not new for me, the later infused with fresh coconut pieces for the mild sweetness I loved and it is going on my list as a favourite.

Next the steamed preserved cabbage-minced pork rice - steamed fresh no smell minced meat atop rice and with leafy green veggies, garnished with spring onion, fried shallots and a little julienne red chillies. Flavourful with the soft melt of the meat and rice, this dish, oh-my-tasty!!
Another recommended dish was the salted egg yolk pork chop paired with rice and fried egg, accompanied with a bowl of soup, sambal belacan and birds eye chillies. The creamy-oozy salted egg yolk sauce cooked with birds eye chillies and curry leaves and tipped over the crispy fried pork chops must be applauded. Not overly seasoned neither over-cooked, it had a nice salty-spicy and aromatic burst. In fact, the sauce was so convincing and the sambal belacan, oh-la-la!! How can I say no, eaten with tad bit of rice and a pinch of the fried egg.
Next in line was the Single Bak Kut Teh. Consisting of pork belly, pork ribs and inoki mushrooms in Chinese herbs infused broth and served with braised bean curd, fried dough stick and white rice, I enjoyed the robust broth. Somewhat unusual in a nice way and unlike other bak kut teh broths I have had many a times, this was stronger, yet smooth sailed in my mouth and throat.
Thereafter we moved on to the Chicken Rice Set, a popular Malaysian fare you can tuck in anytime of the day. A hearty-wholesome set, it came with roasted chicken, rice, soy gravy tofu and eggs, a simple soup, green veggies in soy sauce atop fried garlic. For dipping, the dark sauce, garlic dip and home style chilli dip.
The soft-tender chicken with crispy skin after gently dipping in the garlic dip and chilli dip, heightened with additional layers of flavours, the simply cooked veggie remained crunchy and the tofu I pleasured. The well executed and baked to perfection Marinara Seafood Pizza generously topped with cheese I eat just a small piece. Well, pizza, not my kind of food.
The Green Bean, Sweet Potato and Sago sweet porridge an ever classic Malaysian dessert rendered the sweet closing for this food review.
These dishes are only a small fraction from the menu and for my next visit, the duck dishes, especially the Peking Duck is a must try.

Thank you so much Taste Enclave. Truly appreciated.

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  1. Wow great ambiance........and I never heard of lotus root soup before and so great that you make it at home.......... great write up and beautiful pics... :)

  2. the place looks so fancy

  3. very hard to find coconut soup nowadays. Wah.....i love it :)

  4. I liked the ambience of this place,,, it looks so lovely and classy
    The food is so yummy i am feeling hungry now :D

  5. The food looks absolutely delicious and love the place too!! Very nice review, Nava!

  6. Mmmm........ how did I miss this post! Certainly my kinda of food........


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