Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pizza Hut's Signature Series

With the stage set to unveil the new Signature Series featuring pizzas endorsed by Celebrity Chef  Nik Michael, I walked into the restaurant after braving the sudden heavy rain, all the way from Shah Alam. Being my first time at this Kota Damansara outlet, I was truly impressed. The dining area absolutely welcoming. Nothing over the top yet elegantly set-up with contemporary music in the background for the media, guests and bloggers to sit back with anticipation to hear, see and tucked into the pizzas.

With the tagline "It's quality you deserve at a price you love", the new Signature Series features pizzas that have been given a chef's touch, including the square-shaped hand-stretched pizzas that is more exquisite and incorporated with three blends of cheeses, namely cheddar, provolone and mozzarella. With names such as Barbecue Bang, Fisherman's Catch, Seriously Sriracha, Pepperoni Perfetto and Italian Primo, Pizza Hut's loyal fans are promised nothing but intensely delicious flavors. 
The new Signature Series is an array of Pizza Hut's high end pizzas. A "classier" yet affordable version of pizzas (of course as said earlier, hand-stretched) and premium ingredients for toppings. For the fact that its only RM12.00 nett.  Truly an appreciation to customers by providing a better alternative when purchasing food outside as with the implementation of the recent GST, many people are more cautious when spending their money. 

Dinner started with mushroom soup and a platter of finger food alongside with the chilled mint basil seeds drink.

Thereafter sampling the Signature Series Pizzas.

Seriously Sriracha - shredded chicken, red capsicum, mushrooms, pineapple and red onion, spiced up with drizzles of sriracha, the world-renowned chilli sauce.
Barbecue Bang - smoky flavours of the BBQ grill with shredded chicken, sliced mushrooms and red onions drizzled with deluxe BBQ sauce.
Fisherman's Catch - seafood lovers can rejoice with toppings of tuna, crabmeat sticks and pineapple in Thousand Island sauce.
Italian Primo - beef briskets strips, beef pepperoni, tomatoes, red capsicum, chicken sausage and onions - it's rustic Italy in a bite.
Pepperoni Perfetto - Go for the classic favourite with the deliciously improved beef or chicken pepperoni pizza.
Between these 5 types, sampling the  Italian Primo and Pepperoni Perfetto was out of the question for beef is a taboo for me. Among the rest three, Seriously Sriracha was the clear winner. I didn't mind the Fisherman's Catch as well. 

The evening soon crescendoed for the fun activity of getting the audience to create their own pizzas with Chef Michael and actress Nad Zainal on stand-by to guide and finally naming the winner. The selfie contest too draw plenty of participants while I sat as an obedient child watching the fun.

Soon I left after thanking the staff for the invitation. Of course, I will be returning again at any of Pizza Hut's outlets for the Signature Series - for dine-in, take-away and or delivery from 17 April 2015 while stocks last. Perhaps for a comfortable dine-in without having to pay the additional 10% service charge. So, you shouldn't miss your chance to indulge in these magnificent, value-for-money creations today.
Thank you Pizza Hut!!

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  1. Beautiful write up n yummy pizzas..... n love your pic..... so cool.... :)

  2. V have these pizzas here too and big hit too

  3. Sounds very interesting!! Love pizza hut pizza's!

  4. I'm drooling here..i loved all the look great dear

  5. wow wonderful write up and love all the shots the signature series came with fusion recipes like paneer makhani like that.all the above pizzas are really wonderful to see

  6. It's nice to see the different varieties of pizzas, dear! Drool! xoxo

  7. The pizza chains here also have a range similar to this- they're so good! :) Wish they had more flavours like the ones you tried though, they look so yummy!

  8. Omg those pizzas are super delicious and yummy.. who wud nt want to go this place.. lucky u :D

  9. yummm, yummm , the pizzas looks delicious and the ambiance is superb and inviting....


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