Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lahari Kitchen - Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong

Out of the blues came this invitation and I, triple excited because it was a small recognition which meant the world to me. Only I know how tiring it is sitting in front of the laptop, writing and adjusting the not so perfect pictures till the wee hours. Thank you to the owner's wife or copreneurs. Indeed, happily I came to a familiar area. Well, mum stays close by but still, I had to check where exactly is Lahari Kitchen. Turn into the left lane before Pelita Restaurant and you are bound to notice the blue signboard.

By 12.00pm when I arrived, some customers were leaving whereas more walked in and a few stood around waiting to pack their meal. The owner noticed me, we exchanged greetings and since he was busy, I took a glimpse at the vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes in the clean, comfortable and beautifully themed atmosphere.  

Soon the owner came over and we spoke at great length, all about food and taste. I was told that exclusive spices imported from India are used to amplify the deliciousness of the dishes.
After listening, my hunger juices were all stirred up and just then, I sampled the "Hyderabad Dum Briyani" set consisting of rice and chicken, cucumber  pineapple salad, onion tomato raita, plain curry and boiled egg, priced at RM12.00.
Other little portions of sides for the set  - a small serving of mutton curry, spinach dhal curry, rasam and papadam.
The sun coloured basmati rice, grainy yet chewable was super nice with the tender chicken and the thick curry tasted fantastic. Mutton was redolent, as said earlier, spices to enhance its flavours and sure, similar to the chicken. tasted good when eaten together with the rice. Also, nothing can go wrong for such a meal when paired with the sweet sour raita and the raw salad.
By far, the rasam was the winner. Not the ordinary runny type you get in other Indian restaurants, this one was aromatic with a nice sour tang.
The spinach dhal curry I must highly praise as well because I loved the soft mushy veggie in the creamy thick gravy. Well executed with the right amount of spices for a truly authentic dish. I polished it off within minutes. The sweet sour pineapple lassi, my first time, another worth raving.
Whether you try the Hyderabad briyani, buffet style lunch, vegetarian banana leaf thali set or the A la carte dishes available for dinner, you can brace yourself for a satisfying experience. Lahari also offers catering service and its the place for ordering Indian sweets.

G-8, Jalan Merbah 2
Bandar Puchong Jaya
IOI Mall Lane.

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  1. The variety of dishes is impressive.

  2. looking all this food on the day of fast, mouthwatering
    keep in touch

  3. Hi Nava, did you try the mint lassi?It blew me away ;-)

  4. Looks like you had an awesome lunch! Everything sounds so good!

  5. wonderful review.. looks like an amazing place.. loved the clicks..super

  6. Looks so delectable. I'm so happy there's vegetarian options. Yum!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  7. Seems this restaurant is a cozy place to enjoy some Indian food.Food looks delicious too.

  8. everything looks yumm. mouthwatering!!

  9. Nice review..hope you had a fantastic lunch..lovely clicks

  10. I'm attracted to the price displayed on their banner. Nice food! xoxo

  11. I like the way the food looks...seems to have simple yet delicious homely flavors.

  12. Loved going through your photos. The food looks divine. My eyes are on that biryani with those awesome accompaniments. Great review!

  13. ur so lucky to get to sample foods at various restaurants.. i wish i was a food blogger.. the place looks decent and the food quite nice i mst say

  14. stomach growling liao from your photos


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