Friday, March 6, 2015

Igentis @Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Before anything else, let me take you back to the preparation for the big wedding in my family. Remember I told you about shopping in Klang, thereafter lunch in Beekay's Curry House. Then a couple of days later in Restoran V.P. Curry House? That was not the end to what else I had to buy and with the wedding date drawing closer, my kitchen was conveniently closed for a week. We eat out including in  Le Rozell French Cafe.

In between the same week, we came over to Aeon Bukit Tinggi (Nyonya Delight, Vietnam Kitchen and Penang Nyonya) - our familiar ground for shopping. Even so, we walked from one floor to the other and almost covered the whole mall. All because those things we had to buy must coincide with the wedding theme colour. Really exhausting. Somehow or rather we got what we wanted and off we went to where the eateries are. For about five minutes, we discussed and debated on which eatery it should be. I insisted on Igentis but my other half was no keen. Reluctantly he agreed since he was worn out.         
I like Chinese food, so happily I ordered. My other half continued to "bling-bling" over the menu and complained that there's nothing him. I sort of understood because he is not into soups or Chinese dishes and will only be glad with spicy Indian curries. Anyway I pretended to sympathise but kept silent. Eventually he had no other choice except to order.  

Meanwhile I helped myself with a good heap of chillies from the self service table. By then our food and drinks had arrived.      

Herbal chicken set came with a bowl of herbal soup with chicken, accompanied with brown rice, two fried rolls and slices of watermelon and apple. The chicken was tender to its core while the whiff of the soup made with the essential varieties of Chinese herbs was simply satisfying, what more when eaten with the chillies.  
The brown rice was a clever pairing for double healthiness but I didn't feel like finishing it off. That kind of rice is obviously bland and flat as those from Lohas Lifestyle Cafe and In House Health Cuisine. Fried rolls on the other hand wasn't like the best I have had. Still the crunch for munch was welcomed. As with the chilli sauce, the sweetness drowned the spiciness.   
On the contrary, my other half wasn't impressed with the bitter gourd fish mee hoon soup. He commented that the soup as well as the fish were bland. Point blank, tasteless and he didn't like anything about the dish. He still ate out of hunger and out of thirst, drank up the ice lemon tea.    

I finished up the peach drink and we left immediately as more and more people were crowding around the eatery waiting  to be seated. 
I foresee a high possibility that my other half will never ever agree to return to this eatery. Looks like if I want to, it will be on my own with my friends.  

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  1. Looks like a nice place, although I'm also not too enthused about Chinese!

  2. Soup presentation in menu looks great :)

  3. food seems to be good ....Less spicy and lot of goodness

  4. The dishes look really good in the pics though.. very well written review!!

  5. Sometimes it is common at our home too,I want to have a cuisine which my husband doesnt want :)
    BTW,the food look delicious and inviting...

  6. I did wonder why you weren't posting. How exciting to have a wedding coming up! Reading about your husband reminded me of my own. He's a curry person to the core!! It's interesting to see these food pictures...they all look so yum!

  7. I love soupy stuff! Definitely my kinda food! xoxo

  8. Another great to place to eat .. the dishes look so yummy.. glad u enjoyed the food.. i love asian food bt here at home we make the typical same stuff everyday!!

  9. Very interesting write up...... beautiful clicks too...... :)

  10. Curry chicken Ramen? Hmmm......dont think so. But the soup looks very good

  11. beautiful clicks...yummy dishes too


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