Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Aloo Matar (Potato And Pea Curry)

Been quite a testing time ever since mum fell sick, I am unsure why, I am the only one who is taking care of her. I am not complaining, but I can't help but wonder what happen to the rest of the family members. I guess during such crucial time, you find out who will go out of their way and be there for you. Or perhaps because I work from home, everyone washed off their hands. Never-mind, I am doing okay so far but there are days I break down and cry because not easy, not at all easy to take care of mum who can't walk. So, my life has slowed down and I am struggling to update this previous space of mine. Thankfully, this recipe was picked up from my collection, let me start off with this aloo matar - creamy, spicy and aromatic curry with the two star ingredients of potatoes and green peas.

3 medium size potatoes - remove skin and cut into chunks. 
1 tsp turmeric powder
5 shallots - remove skin
5 garlic - remove skin
1 tsp plain chilli powder
1 cup frozen green peas
1 1/2 tbsp yoghurt - lightly beaten
Salt for taste

For tempering
2 tbsp oil
4 to 5 dried red chillies - cut/snip into pieces
3 sprigs curry leaves
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp mustard seeds

Simmer potatoes with shallots, garlic, turmeric powder, chilli powder and enough water. 
When potatoes are soft and mushy, add green peas and season with salt. 
Stir and simmer for another 2 to 3 minutes.
Remove from heat and gently combine in yoghurt.
In another pan/wok, quickly fry the tempering ingredients.
Tip into curry and stir. 
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  1. Aloo and matar always a great combination in curries... Love it to the core...

  2. I'm so sorry to learn about your mom, but life still has to go on. Stay strong & I pray that things will turn for the better, Nava. xoxo

  3. Wow what a tasty and delicious Recipe yum yum <3

  4. one of my fav
    keep in touch

  5. one of my fav
    keep in touch

  6. It is a common habit of aged ones!they will be like babies...dont b depressed! she needs your caring....God bless you girl!!!!!

    Aloo mutter looks yummy

  7. Dear....We will pray for her speedy recovery.......and this aloo mattar looks stunning.... :)

  8. Sorry to hear about your mom. I wish her a speedy recovery. Stay strong my friend. All are begs wishes are with you. :)

    This aloo matar looks scrumptious. Simple, quick and yummy. Very nice. :)

  9. Don't be upset with your current situation, such times are to be faced strongly as eventually they will make your character even stronger. Sufferings are the lessons to be learnt, just be happy for they have come to liberate you and keep posting yummy recipes!!.....oh God that was too philosophical for a food!
    Love ur matar paneer!!

  10. sorry about your mom. Do stay strong Nava. This will be over sooner or later. Once she is better then you will have back what you had

  11. Hi Nava, first of all, my sincere apologies for MIA as have been quite occupied recently. Love this potato and pea curry of yours. The color of the curry itself is already seeing me drooling.... Thumbs up to you and Happy Valentine's Day to you :)

  12. such a creamy looking aaloo mattar... dont' worry dear, all will be fine...

  13. Its always better to work somewhere outside than home coz the work is never ending.. in ur case i know its so diff to tk cr of ur mom n concentrate on everything else as well.. hope she feels better soon xoxo

  14. Dont loose hope...and I like the creamy texture of the gravy

  15. Potato and peas is a wonderful combo....Curry looks absolutely smashing!! Wonderful color...

  16. This is a favourite of mine too. Great combo! I'm sorry to learn that that your mom's condition is taking time to improve. Take care, Nava. Hoping that things will be better soon.

  17. hope aunty recovers soon..your aloo matar curry looks simply delicious...loved all the flavours used.

  18. Aloo Matar is a favourite, my mum makes it all the time :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. Interesting and delicious combo...well made and presented...looks so spicy and yummy!

  20. hope your mom will be normal soon....
    this curry looks delicious,we cook cashew and peas together,now this is a combination for me to try.
    Have a Great weekend!

  21. Aloo mattar looks delicious with your unique touch...I pray for your mom's speedy recovery...

  22. Hope mama recovers soon. Please don't give p hope.
    Aloo matar is my favorite but I never get a chance to make as my daughter doesnot like matar and makes a big fuss and then I loose my enthu of having it.:)

  23. Let God shower good health and a speedy recovery for your mom !!! Classic combo and one of the best side course for any indian flatbread!!!

  24. This is universally loved all over India...


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