Thursday, January 8, 2015

Steam Lala/Clams With Curry Leaves

Essentially, the two important things to be noted before cooking lala/clams - please buy the freshest catch and please soak, brush and rinse as many as possible for "good riddance" to the slimy surface and and mud. Otherwise, such a waste of money and time because no matter how tastefully cooked, the dish will be such a waste. These key pointers I have also said before (Chilli Honey Clams & Curry Leaves Chili Lala), this dish is the most easiest to make - all ingredients goes into the steaming tray and steamed up for the aroma and spiciness. 

1/2 kilo lala clams - soak, rinse and drain off excess water
5 chopped garlic
1/2 inch chopped ginger
2 to 3 sprigs of curry leaves
Red or birds eye chillies - smashed (as needed)
1/2 tbsp Chinese wine (optional)
Salt for taste

All the ingredients on a steaming tray and steam it up.
(Note: check in between to see if the clams are opened up which indicates that they are cooked)
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  1. I love your frankness, Nava... sometimes we have to demarcate people who value us and who take us for granted... though I don't like clams, my HD loves them and this looks like a dish he would enjoy...

  2. YUM - clams with curry leaves sounds delicious!
    I totally understand your need to "streamline" your friends lists - happy new year!

  3. Ya you r right....some friends are like that......steam lalaclams with curry leafs looks so super fast , healthy and yummy..... :)

  4. Ooh, I love clams. But I'm not a big fan of curry. Are the leaves less potent than the powdered ones?

  5. Artificial friends ..hilarious how fb is and how irritating bloggers can get :)))
    Downsizing I am all for it Nava.
    Clams look beautiful.

  6. I like your honesty!! Some people do bug in the fb land!! This dish however, looks fantastic! Never had this!

  7. Very nice and interesting way to prepare calms, especially the curry leaves and chilli used. Loved the twist with the Chinese Wine.

  8. Strange about people close to you behaving that way on social media...As for your recipe, it looks so yum. I haven't tasted clams till now and I know I'm missing something special.

  9. I love this dish. But when order this in restaurant will ask not to add cili padi coz son cant eat

  10. This is the most simplest recipe fr clams.. wud give it a try .. we generally use grated coconut for this recipe :)

  11. Perfect dish. Very tempting and delicious. :)

  12. Curry leaves are used in everything at my place :P
    These clams would be most flavoursome!

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. yes..what you said is truth...have a great day

  14. Recipe is totally new to me,love to try it.

  15. a cup of warm rice with your lala dishes.. omg.. i bet it tastes great! now i'm hungry! haha

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  16. I believe it's not the quantity but the quality of friends that matters, online or offline. That is y I come here my friend!
    Love ur recipes and presentation!!
    This clam recipe is soo good!!

  17. Have just tried clams once in the curry leaves in it...looks great:)

  18. OMG!! my favourite! LALA!! love this. But hard to get fresh and plump ones in SG! and soaking it in salt water is a must to get rid of the sand

  19. I dont know what clams are :) I need to become an explorer like u, wishing and hoping some day :D may be? no idea though!! But I agree to ur words abt frnds in social media, do as u like will not make difference to any :) have fun as long as u r in

  20. This is incredibly simple yet lovely.. Sometimes it's just a sense of adventure and optimism that is needed to bring up magic in anything so simple..
    Love the recipe and the gorgeous snaps :)
    fell in love with ur space.. following u..

  21. Lala is my favourite. and this looks so comforting

  22. I love clams cooked in any style, dear! Clams are really economical in SG.

  23. These clams look so tempting dear.. With the curry leaves it must be very flavorful..


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