Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rocking Red Lips

Did you know that in 1884, the first modern red lipstick was introduced by perfumers in Paris? Surprisingly, its combination of deer tallow, beeswax and castor oil did not stop the women from getting their hands on their very own red lipstick. This seduction of red certainly reminds me of old-school Hollywood glamour, Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe to be specific! Many of the current A-listers are also rocking the red lip trend perfectly.

Think red lipstick is a big no-no? Well think again; a slick of red on your pout is extremely appealing to the opposite sex. You now know what to do – paint on the red lippy and watch the men drool! Sure, red lipstick might seem a little tricky to handle. But, get it done right and you’ll instantly sexed-up all the way.

Most importantly, you need to find the perfect shade that would match your skin tone effortlessly.
If you have Fair Skin:
Reds with blue undertones would suit you best. Cherry reds and reds with coral in it also work perfectly well.
If you have Medium Skin:
Fire-engine red is a sure winner! You can also opt for warm reds with gold undertones.
If you have Dark Skin:
You don’t always have to go with deep reds like burgundy to make you look amazing. Try fuchsia-like red and you’ll be surprised!
If you are going for the red-lip look, make sure your pout is flake-free. There’s nothing worse than red lipstick on a chapped pair of lips! Remove dead skin from your lips by lighting buffing them either with a damp washcloth or your toothbrush. Apply a slick of lip balm and blot your lips.
Before applying your lip liner, pat your lips lightly with foundation or loose powder to ensure that your lippie will stay on longer. Make sure the lip liner matches your lipstick and line your lips, following your natural lip line.
As always, apply your lipstick, from the middle and move towards the corners. Do blend in the lipstick with lip liner so that you are not left with an obvious rim around your mouth. It’s a good idea to finish off by blotting the excess lipstick with a tissue, leaving just the right amount of colour on your lips.

Afraid to go red all the way? Paint on a red pout with your lipstick and blot a few times. Top off with clear gloss and you will be left with a subtle yet sexy red stain!

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  1. This is indeed a fabulous shade of red! You look lovely in the photos, Nava!!

  2. You look dashing with the red lipstick!!!! Red never goes out of style !!!!

  3. Rocking red lips . Nava dear really you rocking

  4. OMG , the indian look , wow
    keep in touch

  5. Really lovely pictures and I adore red lips, it is the best look.

  6. I love your picture in the red saree..You look adorable :D

  7. Ur pics are beautiful.....nice to know about the red lipstick.....u rockz... :)

  8. Certainly some awesome tips, Nava! You look fab in the saree!

  9. Red is definitely your colour :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. you looks fantastic Navs... Loved the clicks <3

  11. That is such a pretty red lipstick.. u rocked it.. I love blue & orange based red lipsticks :)

  12. I love red, but i never used dark shade of red, I take up lighter hues of red to suit my skin tone. Red does suits ur personality and smile smile :)

  13. yes,you are beautiful in red and with red lips!
    For me,may be I am afraid of red lips,because I know if I do it wrong,all will be spoiled. :) Instead I like to have red lip liner with a bit shade and a clear gloss over it.But your tips are helpful for next time....

  14. loved the pic in cute.. :)

  15. perfect lipstick;) n you are looking too kool nava :D wow pose

  16. Your tips on flawless red lips is gr8 & as usual gorgeous Nava... Looking gr8 in both...

  17. you look great. keep the trend on. I always wore red lips only for my dance performances. but few years back broke the tradition and started wearing it for parties too. My fav shade is MAC ruby-woo. It is so retro and timeless.

  18. I have never tried red, will try your tip and try it.


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