Saturday, January 17, 2015

Restoran V.P. Curry House - Jalan Tengku Kelana (Klang)

Unlike my leisurely shopping trip three days ago in Klang, this time it was purely straight to the point - collect my saree blouses and have lunch before coming back home. There was no time to walk from one eatery to the other neither to debate or argue where to eat. We agreed over this eatery which we used to visit many years ago. If I am not mistaken, that was about more than 10 years.

We crossed over at the traffic light on the main road and walked towards the back lane. Now before anything else, I have to warn you about walking through the quiet-lonely lane, thereafter to the restaurant. Be careful and do be alert too.  Keep an eye on the surroundings because I have been told about the motorbike snatch thieves. Let me also say that I am not being biased or rather I am not comfortable with putting my own kind down. Whether you accept or not, obviously the "Thambies" are leading the way.

Despite walking with my other half, I was still cautious. I didn't carry my handbag and I wore my faded 3/4 length pants and t-shirt. Only some money and my hand phone hidden in my pockets.  Even then, you never know. Over the years, robbing with a “parang” seem the number one profession compared to earning a decent living. So watch your step and as said earlier, watch the surroundings.

We quickly walked and safely arrived in the restaurant - not very pleasant, particularly within the outside and inside areas but they do serve nice food.
That’s why we didn't mind returning again for the banana leaf lunch, similar to what’s offered in Beekay Curry House.  

Service begins as soon as you sit down and then you tell them what you would like to have.  

For our lunch, we called for two additional dishes - sambal ikan bilis/anchovies sambal and fried fish. The ikan bilis sambal cooked with potatoes, onion and chillies was loveable. I liked it very much though it begged for an extra "spicy-kick" - something that the two healthy ladies whom I presume are the chefs should consider. In spite of that, we enjoyed the wholesome filling meal – sambal and "sad looking" fried fish with the rice, veggies, curries, pickle and mooru/yoghurt – home style and tastefully cooked, flavourful and reasonably priced. 

For some reason or rather, I didn't jot down the exact address of the restaurant. So, I am a bit lost on how to direct you. Perhaps the open car park across is the landmark.  Trust me, you may not love the food but liking is a high possibility and don't forget to like my page too. 

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  1. Yes dear, the fish does looks sad. They way to the hotel looks scary.

  2. We have a lot of 'thambies' here too!! The food looks good!

  3. OMG...thats inviting food...yum yum

  4. very well written:) Its fun to be a part of this dining experience through you...

  5. The food looks so yummy and tempting.... :)

  6. The back of a restaurant always have a story to tell.

  7. I love these small joints they hv the most amazing food.. m so craving South Indian food now :D

  8. You can go to the restaurant use their front entrance through Sri vasu video centre..


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