Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Egg Banjo With Onion Pickle

Mum is recovering (Indian Chicken Soup), hopefully she will back to her normal health and self and family has agreed to give me a break. She will be there for the weekend and weekdays, back here. Actually, I am praying hard, soonest she recovers, things will be back to normal for me. And if she doesn't, ??? I can't say anything further. With the busyness, I completely forgot to grocery shop and with the eggs, onion pickle, cheese, cucumber and burger buns, this Egg Banjo was decked up.

Ingredients (estimates - for one person)
2 eggs
1 burger bun
Sauces - chilli sauce, tomato sauce and yellow mustard
1 red onion - slice into rings, soak with a bit of vinegar and sugar.
Cucumber slices 
2 slices of cheese
1 tbsp salted butter  
Cut bun into two.
Rub butter on both pieces.
Pan fry or grill for a nice buttery crispy layer on top.
In the same portable grill, fry egg for a texture you like (either runny, sunny side or fully cooked)
Do the same to the other egg.
Place each egg on top of the grilled bun slices and layer with cheese. 
Fill/pack up with onion pickle and cucumber slices.
Dress/dollop with sauces. 
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  1. the recipe is quick and good brunch..hope you can take care of your mom and she gets well soon

  2. I love the combination. It looks super yummy :)

  3. Nice write ups..may ur amma get well soon..

  4. It's so wise that you chose to take of her which is not very easy, i understand but I know you can and will do what best for her!
    And for the recipe.....yummy!!!!

  5. I can otally understand where you are comming from and what u mean , I have my grandfather living with me who is in his 90;s
    i wish u all the best and its ok to loose your temper sometimes , after all its ur mum
    Keep in touch

  6. I love this. sometimes when dont have the burger buns, i use plain bread

  7. Wow this is something new to me... Loved the egg burger to the core... Btw need to treat the old people as we treat our small children... Giving most attention to them... I experienced with my grandmom...

  8. The presentation of the dish of the dish is too great.

  9. Really it is looking tempting and perfect click.

  10. Hope your vacation was good. I understand your concerns of taking care of elderly. But a mom is a mom, right? I am sure everything will be fine. Sending all the best wishes and love.
    And the egg recipe looks great :)

  11. Lovely presentation! My son will love this!

  12. Yummy burger and absolutely love the way u presented...... :)

  13. Hope your vacation has filled you with a lot of energy which you'll be needing now,and my Prayers that your mom recovers very soon.....U need to pat urself many ppl try to shirk the responsibility of taking care of the elderly...God bless u with lots of patience ! The dish looks wonderful as always !

  14. Loved the combo dear...definitely going to taste heavenly:)....i'm pretty sure you will be able to take care of her :)

  15. yummy
    I have nominated your site for 'Very Inspiring Blog Award' please see this link for more details

  16. Quick and easy recipe for a snack!!

  17. I understand the situation you are in and also it takes so much of courage to take care of elderly people.. wish her a speedy recovery and i am sure u will do a great job
    The recipe is so simple will try it fr sure :)

  18. hey!! u r doing a good job dear:) I know taking care of an elderly is the same as taking care of a small child.. hang in there.. Take care of urself equally too.. because you need all the energy..
    About the recipe, really a good one.. will make it for my folks on the weekend!!..take care

  19. Some days might be harder than other days but I hope your mom feels better. I know how the elderly can be. My mother's got various health issues but she's still mobile. I just got back yesterday after nearly a week spent in my hometown. Looking forward to reading about Kerala here.
    Your burger looks very delicious!

  20. this burger looks so delicious and I am attracted to the first pic...
    Hope your mom will get well soon.Yes,this sounds a tough time...

  21. a delicious and flavorsome burger/ bun to grab when hungry!

  22. Yummy burger..I love the combination

  23. That is one quick and easy recipe.

  24. A nice twist to egg recipe. Love the presentation Nava !!

  25. Oh dear, hope your mom recovers soon. xo
    This looks yum!


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