Friday, December 26, 2014

Yakiniku Ishiya - The Strand, Kota Damansara

Nothing like keeping in touch with good old friends and when they return for a holiday, its a pleasure meeting and dining together. The friends were at Kota Damansara and I didn't mind driving to this Japanese restaurant they've been to a few times. As the weather was breezy, we sat outside and from the aplenty items featured on the menu, my only reminder - "no beef please". They ordered and the dishes were served one after the one with the watermelon juice and beer.

Our early dinner started with the Japanese appetizer - three small bowls of radish and squids fused with ginger and Japanese soy broth and topped with spring onion. 

Upon the arrival of "Edamame" or steamed green beans, we nibbled the warm slightly salty pods before receiving the soft Japanese tofu in flavoured soy sauce and thin seaweed stripes atop, a simple dish with simple taste.  

Thereafter the cold salad - Japanese radish, green seaweed and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds for again, simplicity yet the crunch-munch we appreciated. 
Two favourite dishes for the night were the  "Mixed Tempura Moriwase" and "Cheesy Rolls'. Actually the tempura I would say was better for the utmost crispinesses until the crumbles were flooring down especially the "fan like" stuff. Well, we did ask the waiter what it was but he couldn't explain. Anyway, as said, tempura was the winner and coming close to it was the cheesy rolls - cheese filled pastry sheets and fried.  

Just as I thought enough of eating, the friend ordered fried squids and bbq chicken threaded with veggies in wooden sticks. The fried squids were basically mildly seasoned, lightly flour coated and fried. Whether tasty or not besides the point because this dish was perfect for another round of beer.
As for the bbq chicken, I didn't really fancy.  Just so-so though beautifully presented.  
These dishes were not the mains but more for nibbling and to keep the night going with the beer. Yakiniku I may not return again. Not to say I didn't enjoy the food but its the distance from where I am.

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  1. I have never tasted Japanese cuisine, looks delicious

  2. Ebi tempura is love. Happy holidays!

  3. Merry christmas

  4. I love reading ur restaurant reviews.. the food is always so delicious and yummy..

  5. Looks nice but I am surprised you didn't go for the sushi.


  6. Nice detailed review, I have not yet tried Japanese food.

  7. very nice review.. I have never tried japanese cuisine but reading ur review makes try now:)

  8. Nice review....I too feel an anxiety to know what is that fan like crispy one... :)


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