Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pamukkale Thermal Pools - Turkey

Approximately 3 hours at Temple of Hadrian, then lunch and back to sightseeing in the afternoon to Pamukkale. A good 3 hours in the coach with plain sceneries out there. So better to cat nap and now that its been 6 days in Turkey (Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia & HippodromeBosphorus CruiseSpice BazaarTrojan Horse of TroyAcropolis of Pergamon, House Of Virgin Mary and Temple Of Artemis &Temple of Hadrian) travelling the distance, walk the walk and in and out of hotels. sleep will automatically knock you out. 

At about 5pm, we arrived at Pamukkale thermal pools - Turkey's foremost mineral bath spa, the natural beauty with hot calcium-laden water springs from the earth, cascading over the cliffs. As the springs cool down, they are the hard white calcium pools. This formation so striking that the ancients Romans built a spa town, thereafter declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The thermal pools so called as cotton terraces/castles you will see as you walk in. Then a closer view and its common to see the tourists touching or dipping the feet in the warm water, known for its benefits to the eyes and skin and curing properties to ills of asthma and rheumatism.  

This site we were caution is slippery and climbing to the higher levels you have to watch. So as not cause unnecessary commotion or rather not adventurous enough to climb, we stood around and watched further from where people were crowding.  

These thermal pools definitely amazing and don't forget to picturesque the backdrop with the remains of ancient Hierapolis against the thrilling white terraces. An hour went by and back again journeying - dinner and night-night at the hotel. 

Up next: 13th Century Sultanhani Caravanserai, between Konya and Cappadocia.

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  1. Hi Nava, thanks for sharing your holidays with us. Well, I will definitely take note of those interesting places when I visit Turkey one day. In fact Turkey is one of our next holiday destinations. Really appreciate all those beautiful and awesome shots. Cheers and regards :)

  2. We were there a few years ago...and absolutely love Pamukkale...great pictures Nava :)

  3. Gosh, I've always wanted to visit Pamukkale! Each time I plan my trip to Turkey, there seemed to be earthquake. Lol!

  4. A beautiful place in Turkey.....n what is pink colored food?.....looks so cute... :)

  5. wow so beautiful clicks nava.. i can feel a cold weather there in turkey wow

  6. Turkey is stunning, thank you for sharing :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Lovely pics.. U took me to turkey through this wonderful post..

  8. My friend has traveled to turkey it is a very beautiful place. And this place has been showed in many Tamil songs.


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