Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Goods Friends Restaurant & Cafe - SS15, Subang Jaya

In another week or so (Vanilla - The Mille Crepe Cafe), I should be clearing my table to officially hand over work. To say I was feeling happy, yes, because no more “early to bed, early to rise”, driving to and fro in the traffic jam and office politics has never been my game, so, good ridden to who is polishing or carrying tales to the boss. Still, deep down inside, emotions were twisted. Well, maybe lunching with colleagues I will miss and just as I was thinking back of the good moments, the good colleague suggested "Good Friends Restaurant", and beamingly at once I said yes.     

We entered the restaurant, sat and instantly the menu came. The menu - oh-oh!! Interesting. Quite a selection of Western dishes with Asian twist, enough choices for drinks and desserts and coffee, seem the speciality as well. Ordering took a while and flipping the menu over and over didn't help either. To be fair to the young waiter who has been patiently waiting, we decided.

Service then slowed down as the restaurant was packed with big groups of colleague students. While waiting, we admired the ambiance - spacious with ample room to move around, neat, bright, colourful and homely. That so comfortable but noisy as the students wouldn't keep quiet.

Within 10 minutes, drinks as usual came first. The "energy banana juice' in a stylish glass bottle and over a bucket of ice, wahh!, caught my eye. Smooth, thick and with the natural sweetness of banana, the chilled juice I loved.
The colleague was comfortable with the sky juice. Ordinary water it may have been but look at how it was served in the glass bottle? That little creativity we were impressed.
Food then arrived. The potato and smoked salmon - roasted potato slices and thin fresh salmon pieces with a creamy dressing and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds, paired with a salad consisting of greens, tomato and and roasted almond. Though seldom I rave about Western dishes, this one, I triple liked and could be because of Lingam chilli sauce for the spiciness. Perhaps I still think so.
The lemongrass chicken paired with fragrant rice as two hearts and salad, the colleague grinned happily and commented - crispy skin and tender meat with the aroma of lemongrass, the rice flavourful and the green salad with its freshness but "Lingam" chilli sauce was still a must.
We polished off our food, stared at each other, broke the silence, mutually agreed that dessert shouldn't be missed out and ordered Stracciatella" and "Gula Melaka" cake. Stracciatella (espresso, ice cream and rolled chocolate chip) I was confused what to do and then agreed with the colleague that "its your way, anyway or I like it may way". Either eat the ice cream by pouring the coffee inside or ice cream first and drink the coffee while munching the roll. I tried both ways and needless to say, thumbs up to this inventive dessert. So good and good to goodness.
The gula Melaka cake was another we  hype about. Thick palm sugar syrup layered with cream in between and around the smooth-moist cake, the cake was super sweet and super rich but super delicious and too much for one person.
This  satisfying lunch we didn't mind paying around RM61.00 and we won't mind returning again.

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  1. great to know that you are going to take a break from working... everybody needs it at some time... good luck!

  2. Looks like a good restaurant and the desserts look inviting.

  3. Cool way to present the banana energy juice. I think the place looks quite casual and fun. =)

  4. The name of the cafe, the decor everything looks so good.. the food is delicious indeed

  5. I love the name for this cafe, it does have that inviting atmosphere about it :D
    And lovely food, the cake is definitely eye catching!

    Happy Holidays!
    Choc Chip Uru

  6. All food look delicious and nicely presented.Seems like a great place to have lunch...

  7. Glad to know about ur new developments Nava. All the best.The palm sugar cake looks yumm.

  8. I must say they have nicely organized their menu...nice review

  9. good luck for the new developments and amazing place

  10. I feel to grab the desserts..... :) Great review....

  11. Banana juice wow never heard of that!! Love the way the serve!! Style of serving fulfills half of the hunger I believe and you were at the right place I suppose!! wonderful review looking forward for more :)

  12. like the name of the restaurant :) wonderful menu at that restaurant


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