Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vanilla - The Mille Crepe Cafe (SS15, Subang Jaya)

15 faithful years in the company and finally, enough was enough. Wasn't an easy decision but I guess, if your career isn't going anywhere and you are miserably miserable because the top management keep changing the "key performance indicators/KPI" that so soon, as much as you try, you know its time to say bye-bye. Indeed, emotions ran high and I was sceptical despite knowing "move on Nava, pursue what you have started". Eventually, I took the bold step to  follow my heart to work full time from home.

The close colleagues I can count with my fingers wished me all the best. A few got together for the farewell lunch with my call where it should be. We agreed, walking is convenient instead of driving in the busy as ever SS15. We walked and I said yes to Mille Crepe Cafe which by then the tables to fit around 16 customers already taken at the ground floor. Up we went to the second floor, stood around and back again to the ground floor because food from the kitchen downstairs to the upper dining area we weren't sure how effective will be.

Call it luck or saved by the bell, an empty table right at the end. The menu featuring Western and local cuisine we discussed and after deciding, another let's talk about the English ambiance - pretty pink, turf like carpet, flowery wall papers, artificial flowers and decorations on the walls. These well matched for the "catcha" and lovely set-up. Just that I felt the dining area could have bigger if the counter and glass chillers didn't take up 3/4 of the space. Sort of cramped and if there are customers standing around to pack food, comfort is compromised. Also, I had to control my volume gossiping about the two "we will die for the company" colleagues at the next table.

Not very soon but soon food and drinks were served. The stone grilled lamb chop - tasty, not overdone, plenty of texture and a hearty meal paired with the aromatic salad and mashed potato. The black pepper sauce I didn't picture neither I tasted or poured over the lamb. Though I'm not a big meat eater, a tap on my shoulder for finishing the lamb, definitely wasn't a battle to slice. The crunchy vegetables and generous use of herbs I particularly loved.
The vegetarian spaghetti for the "converted" vegetarian colleague - a brimming plate of the Italian noodles with chock-full of soft veggies and the herbs surely delivered the aroma. This dish as pretty as the ambiance I was so close to pinching in but thought it will be rude and that the colleague didn't offer. Indeed, alive and kicking, a beautiful dish and the flavours she enjoyed.
The other spaghetti dish was the seafood spaghetti - ohhh!! lots of seafood (prawns, mussels and squids) and I think types of mushrooms to elevate the taste. Also, without stinging on the herbs and visually appealing. Taste-wise, as the colleague tucked to polish every bit, she shook and shook her head and said she didn't regret ordering.
The stone grilled chicken chop smothered with homemade creamy-thick mushroom sauce I knew wouldn't be a let down and sure, the other colleague said the same. Served with similar vegetables and with mushy flowerily piped out potatoes, I admired the sprinkling of herbs to beautify the dish.
Awesomeness while eating came from the passion mango drink and ice lemon tea.

Just as bill was called for, I interrupted - "No please, what a waste coming to this restaurant known for their cakes. Come-on!  Let's order the vanilla crepe, lemon crepe and red velvet cake and lovingly share". 

These cakes, divinely superb, heavenly, soft and creamy and about all, simply melted once the first spoonful touched the taste buds. Well, colleagues smiled at me and though towards the end, we kept pushing the balance to each other, we didn't want to waste. 

Vanilla the mille crepe cafe -  attentive service as the waiter kept returning despite going up and down serving us and patiently stood while we couldn't decide if cakes should be the sweet ending,. Food - almost flawless for someone like me who don't fancy Western dishes and the ambiance will take you to a home of someone who had put in lots of effort.  

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  1. bad bad bad you nava for posting so many tempting pictures..The place looks amazing and the cakes are make me drool :D

  2. lovely ambience and classic way to present dishes. very artistic.

  3. It's like stepping into paradise, Isn't it? Eye candy! And the food looks delectable.

  4. Stunning the crepe cake..... :) After quitting the job, u followed ur great....! :)

  5. Uiks...they have outlet in SS15? Didnt know that. Food looks great.

    Best of luck on your new venture. :)

  6. Aw, the cafe is so pretty! The red velvet mille crepe is a great pick, dear!

  7. What a fun place to visit, the decor is bright and lively :D
    The cakes do look absolutely delicious, very crumby and soft and melt-in-mouth worthy!
    And I am so happy for you, congrats on your decision!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Wow! that is one beautiful-looking and elegant place. The food looks delicious.
    Btw, All the best on your new journey :)

  9. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  10. The prettiest cafe ever! Everything looks so amazing. And as for the crepes, they take my breath away! Still looking at the flowers and the floral designs on the plates!!

  11. Congrats on your bold decision of starting your small business!
    This restaurant has such amazing eats - and woa - those crepe cakes are so tantalizing - I don't believe you and your colleagues debated getting dessert!

  12. The interior was so beautiful.. and the food looked so yummy esp the mago drink :)

  13. so wonderful crepe cakes,.. what a beautiful variety em just drooling :P pass

  14. Oh thats indeed a bold decision hope u will give us a sneak peek into the new venture in the coming days.Anyway wish u all the very best.
    What a beautiful to dine, love the old world charm.


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