Monday, November 3, 2014

Trojan Horse of Troy - Canakkale (Turkey)

Day 1 - Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia & Hippodrome. Day 2 - Bosphorus Cruise and Spice Bazaar. Day 3, departed from Istanbul and a long drive arriving late evening at Canakkale, dinner, overnight, breakfast next morning and to Troy - one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world with 4,000 years of history, an ancient city found in the 19th century where the legendary trojan war took place and listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. First the history of Troy by the tour guide - the development as a series of settlements, how it started as a Bronze Age dwelling, survived a Balkan invasion, rejuvenated during Greek and Roman rules and even had a stint as a Byzantine town before falling into a state of ruin. Trojan War is an important Greek mythological story about the Trojan prince ((Paris) who ran away with Zeus' daughter (Helen), thus sparked the 10 year war. 

Troy is an epic - you see the wooden Trojan Horse, ruins, ancient wall cities, statues, excavation, a small open air theatre complete with raised tiered seating and a sunken stage. The path through the ruins is well marked. But quite rocky and slippery at certain places, so be careful. See before you walk.  

The whole area I think I covered, some candid shots I'm sue you agree you won't want to miss and back to the entrance where there is a souvenir shop. I went in, saw and came out without buying. Souvenirs I don't waste money on because the family and friends don't appreciate the little things you actually pay a lot. So better to buy some chocolates at the airport. I know they will happily eat.    
Oh before I forget - the wooden Trojan horse we didn't see because of the renovation work.     
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  1. I remember reading about this in school, what a historic place to visit!

  2. seems like an interesting place with historical ruins....

  3. Great pics and nice write up ..........and u r lucky dat u could travel to different locations.... :)

  4. read a lot about the city , so wanna visit it one day
    Keep in touch

  5. i love visiting such places. nice clicks :)

  6. Oh! This post brings memories of my trip to Turkey...sorry that you could not see the trojan horse...
    Have a wonderful week Nava :)

  7. wow! I think u had a great time,nice clicks & thank u for sharing with us.

  8. Love knowing more about this place through your post :)

  9. Wow there is so much history hidden in these ruins. Nice post Nava.


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