Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Siam Boat Noodle - Taman Bayu Tinggi (Klang)

Suffice to say, life is challenging and with it comes plenty of challenges which we have to face whether we like it or not. I had enough of challenges in my life, some very massive ones but here I am still in one piece. Regardless of that, I knew I will love the challenge by Siam Boat Noodle because when it’s about food and eating, obviously none of us can say no.  I accepted the invitation with open arms because I love noodles and I love Thai flavours to the maximum.

Despite the crowd, the young staff didn't ignore me. While I was trying to focus on a good shot of the open kitchen, they smiled and they were concern if I have ordered my food and drinks. I replied with my “loud signature” laughter and told them that I have to accomplish my mission of taking pictures first before anything else.

I then looked through the menu and ordered - the four signature boat noodles, barley ice and the papaya salad.

As I was eating to glory, the lady owner sat with me and we spoke about the secret behind the taste of those flavours I was jumping high-up and about. According to Ms. Sam the owner, she personally makes the broth - simmered for 3 hours with cloves and fresh coconut water. She also told me that a couple of ingredients are imported directly from Thailand and those are the chilli flakes, pork balls, noodles and papaya.

As we spoke, I sampled the noodles - dry and soupy version with chicken and another two of the same but with pork. Between the four, the pork soupy version was the best. I also loved the crispy-crunchy fried pork piece over it. Similarly the broth was utmost tasty and I couldn't hold myself from ordering another plain one.  

Next I tucked into the papaya salad, made with fresh thin strips of papaya, carrot, long beans, a bruised bird eye chilli and tossed in the Thai dressing. It didn’t really win my heart because the simple dish was overpowered with saltiness. Nevertheless, I immediately put on my “thinking cap”, mixed it with the chili flakes, saved the whole portion, polished it off and immediately gulped the barley ice.

To mellow down the heat from my mouth, I agreed to try the chempedak ice cream - super-duper creamy and truly a melting moment for its authentic flavour.

I was also that close to trying the durian ice cream but since my transport has arrived, I left feeling satisfied because the portions of the 4 types of boat noodles were perfect for a small eater like me. Of course you shouldn’t give up and aim higher on how many you can eat and please do mountain up the bowls to celebrate your achievement.  

Thank you Siam Boat Noodle.  

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  1. Wow, what an interesting challenge! The noodles look so yum. Love the look of the dessert and the papaya salad too!

  2. I love that boat shaped plate which I havn't seen before...........and the food is really amazing....nice pics and review..... :)

  3. Yum. Everything looks amazing. I would love to try the noodle challenge.

  4. Now boat noodle everywhere ya. Saw one in PJ too.

    This one looks nice wor. wah the broth cooked so long sure taste very good

  5. Totally love the tasting portions, Nava! Great for us ladies, but not too sure about the men.

  6. i never had the chance to try boat noodle yet. i wonder what it tastes like that makes it sooooo famous these days huhu

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  7. U got me at the ice cream.. Your posts make me wanna visit Malaysia more and more..

  8. The food looks so yumm.. i love noodles so this place is really good in my opinion :)

  9. Wow that ice cream looks so good, love the photos of all the food :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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