Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mr Roti Canai - Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam)

Family (mine, yours, his, hers and ours) is another big ball of fire. At times, seriously, worried I am who will indirectly burn who but you see, no body will because when crisis strikes, they sure need each other to lean on. Even so, there is always the brilliant one, rich one, fame one, successful one, "Mr or Mrs "know it all" and no matter what, impossible to be acknowledged that you are someone also, Well, so it is that doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants are the movers and shakers in the Indian society compared to a food spy/critic. Still, every once a while I am tested if I know this or that latest eateries in Kota Kemuning. Mr Roti Canai I have not been to was highly spoken, thus, I told half-half - "Lets try and find out if the truth is out there".
Upon arrival in this corner lot and basically, another normal restaurant on a Friday afternoon at about 11.30 am, we read through the "menu of knowledge" - dishes well explained as the pride and joy of Malaysian food. Great and must be applauded. 

Since we weren't in a hurry, we took our time and studied the menu as though we were preparing for the "Malaysian Food History" degree. Thereafter we ordered Chicken Curry Rice Platter, Fish Curry Platter, Syrup (rose drink) and Sky Juice. Came cruising the drinks to "wet" the throat before the mains.   

Impressively plated and stylishly presented both the dishes, the chicken curry platter consisted of a scoop of rice and scooped over with a fiery chicken curry, atop with bendi/ladies finger, cabbage stir fried with spices and coconut, cucumber pineapple salad, papadam, a little more curry in another tiny square saucer and more fiery curry with succulent bite sizes chicken in a separate oblong bowl. Tasty and a hearty portion, this dish was loved, especially the oh-so-yum spicy curry.  
The fish curry platter came with grainy-fluffy basmati rice cooked with spices, atop with a boiled egg, thick curry with a medium size fish, another small serving of plain curry, papadam and onion raita (yoghurt onion). Satisfyingly tasty, half-half truly enjoyed every bit of everything, more so the spicy curry and fresh fish.  
After tucking in, we agreed  - meal was flavourful and will definitely capture the Malaysian hearts. Kudos to Mr Rati Canai for re-inventing and heightening the Malaysian dishes to another level. 

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  1. Am drooling seeing the pics! love the ingredients of Ice cream and would love to try some time... Nice review.

  2. yummy Indian food. :D

  3. We don have a lot of good Indian restaurants around my area, but this looks fantastic :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Everything looks delicious. I like the presentation on your plates. As for the roti, I have seen it on TV only. Flipping the dough looks so difficult but I can imagine what the outcome is. Interesting introduction to the dishes.:)

  5. Loved the colorful pics Nava .U busy these days ?

  6. so big portion. Guess need to share baru can finish if it is me

  7. It all looks so very delicious! I dont know if we have this restaurant in India but would love to check it out...Lovely Pics :)

  8. This place is really good .. the food is so yummy :)


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