Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fjord Cruise (Norway)

Morning was broken as we left Oppheim Hotel and Resort for  the ever famous Fjord Cruise, one of main highlights in Norway. On this day, the weather was truly cold and despite the layers of clothes, thick long winter coat, gloves and socks. I almost froze to death. Anyway, instead of standing around in the cold weather which seem okay for the rest of the tour buddies, I quickly got into the coach and it was a great thing that I sat near the window side for the gorgeous nature view - the steep terrain, hills, mountains, valleys, streams, huge trees, plants and indeed, the pure state of nature.

Upon arrival at the peer, with another 15 minutes still at hand, everyone of course wouldn't miss on picturing. I especially had all the energy to jump for a couple of shots and the best memory I still treasure close to my heart is the loving posing and up close pictures with my other half.

Once the ship arrived, all of us including the rest of the tourists queued up but with all the pushing and rushing by the large number of the Chinese tourists, well, most of us were pushed aside. Whatever, we then got in and out of excitement, some of the tourists couldn't decide where to sit, they walked up and down, they blocked our view and eventually as the ship started sailing, they calmed down.
Pretty much as other cruises, this Fjord cruise was no different except that its opens to the sceneries of mountains, valleys, this lake by itself and sea gulls for the next one hour plus. And after the first hour, it is about seeing the same things over and over again until we got down at Flam, first for lunch and then for the train ride to Voss (via Mydral)

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  1. You got me with the first photo! What a stunning view!

  2. The views looks stunning and so are the love birds. Cannot agree with you more on how irritating large the crowd of tourists have become. There is no exclusive or secluded place anymore for one magical moment.

  3. Stunning landscape, Nava! Such a lovely couple!

  4. Such gorgeous scenery - those waterfalls remind me of SriLanka!

  5. what a beautiful place, greenry all around and flying clouds
    looks like u actually were flying :)
    the lovey dovy couple huuh

  6. I envy you! :) Love all those beautiful view. My husband has been there few times due to work. I wish I can visit the place one day. Norway sure has many beautiful places to visit. Have a wonderful time dear.

  7. OMG! you travel a lot! stunning clicks :)

  8. what a beautiful place it seems from the pictures :D I am sure you had a great time :D

  9. Your photos are beyond beautiful, such a lovely place to visit with all its natural beauty :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. place is so beautiful, love it.


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