Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fjord Cruise (Norway)

Adventure. Almost half an hour of adventure from Oppheim Hotel and Resort, perhaps a different kind of adventure compared to our long journey the previous day (Vossestrand). Today, it’s leap and bound trill and frill. Up to the mountain, really steep and winding high up, thanks to the driver's years of experiences, from right up there, akin a fast and furious dribble down plunge. Super exciting, I wouldn't just put my butt down. Almost tumbling as well on my other half-half due to the rock and roll drive, it couldn't get any more exciting. Not so far in my life though. Amazing view when you look down, rather scary too, worried if driver will lose control or brake will fail, we made it. Thereafter, back to reality. Normal straight road journey, prior to getting down and awaiting the cruise ship.  

With another 1/2 an hour before cruising, our lens almost shattered into pieces. One after the other, picture cracking moment. You got to. Otherwise, such a waste coming this far and not picture journaling. Just so awe spellbinding. Simply gorgeous. Simply mesmerising. Lake, green green grass of Norway, chilly breezy weather and you can actually somewhat hear the gush. Basically, pure virgin, untouched, unspoiled and not drilled anywhere nature charm. God! Unforgettable Norway. For the rest of my life. Love cupid too struck at the spur of the moment. Maybe the cold weather, or maybe the lovey-dovey moment sometimes we fail to appreciate back home. Love surely bonded both of us, closer and closer, hopefully, strong bond will not be broken when we return home due to our daily grind.

Ship arrived, all of us including the rest of the tourists queued up but with all the jolting and pushing by the large number of Chinese tourists, we somehow ended last in the queue. Wonder how they do it, within spill seconds, they sure do, to secure a place, most probably to sit right in front. Whatever, we got in and still, some of tourists wouldn't keep quiet. They had to walk up and down. They couldn't decide. Must be the culture of breaking free from communism, did they care if they blocked our view? We on the other hand were calm, once the excitement had fizzled off the moment ship slowly started moving, everyone somehow remained calm to seriously focus on nature. In front, back and both sides.
For the next hour or so, its back to mountains, valleys, and sea gulls every now and then. But after that, the same scenery didn't go down well, especially for me. Boring. Others agreed as well, happiness spiraled again once we got down at Flam, A long queue to use the loo, lunch and then looking forward to the much spoken about train ride to Voss (via Mydral)

Next change - Flam Train Ride.

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  1. You got me with the first photo! What a stunning view!

  2. The views looks stunning and so are the love birds. Cannot agree with you more on how irritating large the crowd of tourists have become. There is no exclusive or secluded place anymore for one magical moment.

  3. Stunning landscape, Nava! Such a lovely couple!

  4. Such gorgeous scenery - those waterfalls remind me of SriLanka!

  5. what a beautiful place, greenry all around and flying clouds
    looks like u actually were flying :)
    the lovey dovy couple huuh

  6. I envy you! :) Love all those beautiful view. My husband has been there few times due to work. I wish I can visit the place one day. Norway sure has many beautiful places to visit. Have a wonderful time dear.

  7. OMG! you travel a lot! stunning clicks :)

  8. what a beautiful place it seems from the pictures :D I am sure you had a great time :D

  9. Your photos are beyond beautiful, such a lovely place to visit with all its natural beauty :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. place is so beautiful, love it.


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