Monday, November 24, 2014

Dorsett Grand Subang - Seafood Promotion: Neptune's Kingdom @ Terraza Brasserie

Compared to my early arrival for the "Warna-Warni Buffet", I was a little off track with punctuality for this seafood promotion. What else can be a valid reason except to blame it on the rain and the traffic jam that came with it.  

I walked into Terraza Brasserie and after being warmly greeted by the staff, I sat at the table with the rest of the invited guest - to sample the buffet worth of fresh seafood, available every Thursday at RM98.00++ from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.  This promotion is certainly a seafood lover's paradise with various speciality offers, from the seafood pillah with herbs butter to baked oyster rockefeler, other best catch from the sea and local dishes as well.

It was definitely not easy at all for me because I had my eyes on practically everything - the  various selection of salads and salad dressings from the Western to local preparations. appetizers and main dishes with seafood as the star ingredient.

For the first round, I settled for the fresh oysters which were fresh as ever, grapes-prawn salad and another salad made with local fruits in a creamy dressing. I raved about the grape salad and insisted that the rest must try. I think one or two of them didn't want to miss out on it.
For the main course, I couldn't resist the laksa Johor which is and will always remain as my top 10 favourites. The noodles didn't captivate my attention but I still packed my bowl with a tiny bit of it and with the condiments - boiled egg, red chillies, bean sprouts, red onions, long beans and basil leaves, after which the spicy fish flavoured thick broth was poured over. 

If you are another typical Malaysian like me, the laksa is a must try for its authentic, creamy and utmost delicious flavours. Again, I couldn't shut my big mouth. I continuously convinced everyone to "Please Try" because I know for a fact that they will regret going back home without tasting it.  I was also happy that I sat with a small group of nice people and we were recommending this dish and that dish to each other. When one of them told me to go over to the grilling station outside the dining area, there I was with a plate of cockles,mussels and shrimps. 

The cockles were juicy and tender but eating them was a little messy especially in front of people you just met, all the more its important to uphold your table mannerism. However it was smooth sailing with the clams and shrimps because the meat felt apart easily from the shells.  
I was definitely in the mood of eating because there were ample desserts available, from the stylish and attractive cakes, tradition Malay favourites, ice cream and a variety of condiments, Western desserts.chocolate fountain and fruits.  

I never waste my time with fruits at buffets because I can buy them anywhere and eat any time. But the heavenly desserts like the crepes,chocolate dipped marshmallows, apple crumble, custard in a slim glass, sugar free jelly and floating island - prepared by professional chefs are those I never miss out on.

If I am to rank the desserts I tasted, it will be high distinction for the crepe, crumble and custard. The rest also fared well and so, please do not miss them too when you are at this seafood buffet in Dorsett Grand Subang.
Thanks very much Dorsett for the invitation.  

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  1. you must be in heaven with all these yummy food around you, nice info about place and food

  2. Wow super tempting Dishes. U looks very cute.

  3. I don't have seafood all that often but wouldn't I love to taste such lovely food? The desserts look truly amazing! Lucky you! A pleasure to go through the food pictures...

  4. Lots of sea food and desserts, lucky you.

  5. wow so wonderfully clicked dear nava,, and the desserts are really out of this world .. just wow

  6. There is definitely food galore here, what a great place to visit and dine at :D
    So much choice!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Wow,c the variety of dishes,my God,I wish u had a great time

  8. you so lucky to go to so many buffet. Food looks delicious and you look great too :)

  9. omgggg everything looks so yummy. making me hungryyyy. haha. but that's very pricey! T_T

  10. OMG! again seafood all over :O

  11. Wow.. Looks like you had a great time.
    Love the pics.everything looks mouthwatering

  12. I just want to dive into my system right now and get all this food out for my personal consumption. lol

  13. What a wonderful spread! I loved the dessert spread especially!!

  14. This is a sea food paradise.. omg.. m so hungry now :)

  15. Hi Nava, I have yet to dine at Dorsett Grand Subang - Seafood Promotion: Neptune's Kingdom @ Terraza Brasserie. As for the KL Dorsett, yes. Your clicks are fabulous and all these mouthwatering foods are so irresistible! Hope you have an enjoyable week and warmest regards :)


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