Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bone & Pot - USJ, Taipan (Subang Jaya)

Women generally (excuse me, I'm not saying all) have thousand and one things to say once you agree to meal together. This friend of mine I tell you, I almost pulled out my hair while deciding where to have dinner. Aiyo!! This one she don't eat, that one she don't like and dah! dah! dah! By then, my tummy was growling and I told her - "I am going into Bone & Pot and you eat where you like" Settled. She followed and now only one condition - "No Pork". Still, safe-able because on the menu I saw the "vegetarian broth", perhaps the one and only pork-less broth. For that moment, I also decided its vegetarian my way and her way.
As for sides/items for a vegetarian meal, you do have choices - the tofu stuffs, vegetables and mushrooms. But mainly pork and some seafood. Drinks - perhaps less than 10 types and to nibble, a few. Just then the broth we had called for was steaming up. Into it we added the tofu cakes and mushroom. The broth, tangy, flavourful and swimming with lots of tomatoes, yam and potatoes. Filling enough just like that and with the extra items, easily satisfying for 4 small eaters. A good meal I will praise and when eaten with the chilli oil and chilli dip, hail the food!! The creamy sauce (see picture) I didn't know for what and the fried garlic, lots and lots on top of the broth and the items after scooping into the bowl.   

The rice tea, my first time, something different. Tea it is with its mild taste and a good choice for the steamboat meal.
Bone & Pot - ohhhh! my kind of food. I love steamboat and the dips, loved as well for the spiciness. The ambiance - as you walk in, you will feel comfortable and welcomed. Service - very good and pleasant but prices, well, you won't want to pay everyday. Lunching with the lady-fair friend - never ever because my tolerance level is quite low and that she didn't even offer to pay. Well, one of the free loaders. In actual fact, it was her brilliant idea to meet up over a meal.

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  1. lovely spread and love those sauces.

  2. the hot pot ingredients is too healthy for my licking and sorry to said it's pretty much seems too chicks thing going on there, lol
    i need meat and meat for me....
    beef, pork, anything real meat, not just the broth

  3. Love ur pics......and wanna grab the food

  4. wow rice tea very impressive.. so great clicks dear :) yum yum

  5. Gosh, the tomato base soup looks so appetizing! I wanna dig in, Nava!

  6. I had seen abt the steam boat dinner in a Kylie Kwong show.. never went to a restaurant like that.. this place sounded good to me by ur post !

  7. Look amazing. I am getting hungry.

  8. the food looks quite different and yummy :D

  9. There are so many blogs I visit. I know most of the dishes they bring. But here I am like whats that thats new! What a different variety Malaysian food has got even if it is a mix of cuisines. Looks so yummy.
    Like the way u say I will roll on the floor he heee :))

  10. The food looks lovely, very innovative dishes! Seems very flavoursome as well :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. lovely pics ..yes the food looks yumm


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