Monday, November 10, 2014

Asian Rice Pot @ Kelana Jaya (Petaling Jaya)

When the two friends harped and persisted on Asian Rice Pot, their regular friendly neighbourhood eatery, I went along after deciding on the day and time. We arrived on this Friday for an early dinner and upon walking in, I was introduced to the pleasant lady owner and we exchanged greetings. Instead of taking up her time as she was busy networking with the customers, I excused myself. Next of course "food for thought" in the simple-basic dining area though, seriously, neatness I won't put as a plus point. Makan time whether for lunch and dinner, sort of self-service between the clay pot curries (similar to Yarl Restaurant, Brickfields), dishes on the food shelf and fried on the spot stuffs. Choices for pre-prepared dishes, so-so. But there's other choices and these you will see on the laminated menus on the wall. For tea time, there you go with the kuih-muih, cakes and what not. 

The three of us picked our choices and for the extras, called for a plate of mutton varuval (dry style) and chicken parathal (another dry style too). Between both, mutton I preferred - soft and tender meat with spices and dry chillies. Tasty but just that not spicy enough and the friends couldn't agreed more. The chicken, well, the common fare and again, begged for more spiciness. The other dishes - a border pass for a satisfying and decent meal.

The mango lassi - thick, creamy and as mentioned by the owner, not diluted with water. The lemongrass lemon drink, seem always a favourite, the friend enjoyed. After the meal, since we weren't in a hurry to leave, we ordered teh tarik, not overly sweet and quite nice.

Asian Rice Pot - supposedly home style food in a restaurant setting and not sure but I think they are open for breakfast as well. Selection, Indian and Western dishes. Service, well, with just two groups of customers, speedy Gonzales and finally, tastefulness - ohhh!! let me think. Okay - 6/10 justifiable.

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  1. wow so much great curries and glasses of refreshment.. super wow :)

  2. Nava, I thought the claypot briyani is rather interesting! I don't think I've ever seen it in SG......

  3. That's a delicious spread.. I love food cooked in earthen pot..I'm sure you enjoyed the meal..

  4. cant seems to place the location of the shop thought have been to kelana jaya many times.

    Price seems reasonable. Thanks...will go hunting hehehe...

  5. All the food looks delicious Nava...I am glad that you all were having so much fun...
    Have a great week :)

  6. The food is so delicious at this place..loved the variety :)


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