Friday, October 24, 2014

What to Pack for a Fall Getaway

When most people are planning for their getaways to somewhere tropical, there are the occasional people who like to get away to a cold climate where skiing and cabins await them. If you do find a cold climate calling your name for your upcoming vacation, you’ll need to know what to pack. From the right shoes to warm clothing, you’ll need the appropriate apparel and accessories to stay warm and have some fun!

Boat Shoes in San Francisco
If you’re traveling to San Francisco to do some sailing, you’ll most definitely want to stay warm when you’re on a sail boat on the open seas. Boat shoes are something you should bring along to wear on a boat and keep your feet warm. Reef has coastal cruisers that will keep your feet warm and protected when you’re sailing.
What’s more, the cruisers are made with a compression molded wax texture cushion insole and also odour management compounds which get rid of anything smelly.
Have an amazing time in San Francisco with boat shoes that will make your sailing experience a lot more enjoyable.

Downy Jacket in Veil, Colorado
Veil, Colorado is known for epic mountain views and skiing that no body ever forgets. Before you go to Veil however, make sure you bring warm mountain gear that will protect you from the chilly temps and mountain air. A downy jacket will keep you warm when you hit the slopes and walk around town. Be sure to bring a pair of gloves, hats, and scarves to keep you warm too – warmth is very important when you’re experiencing fringed temps!

Sunscreen in Phoenix, Arizona
Even though the temps cool down in the winter in Phoenix, Arizona, you still need to bring along sunscreen and flip flops. Sunscreen is important because even though it’s not as warm, you still can get sun burned. Since you’re going to be having fun in the sun also pack a durable pair of flip flops. Reef's women’s leather sandals are stylish and go great with just about any outfit.

Throw in a few pairs and wear them with a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

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  1. Very comfort in this shoes specially traveli ng

  2. Wow I did not know about the boat shoes. I somehow like walking shoes even in summer my feet starts to ache in flats. Nice post Nava.

  3. I always prefer shoes while i am travelling..the first pair looks so cool :)

  4. I love the leather sandals most ;) thanks for the lovely review dear

  5. Good post Nava ,Cute shoes and sandals

  6. Comfortable shoes are a must for any travel destination.. i liked the options in this post :)

  7. This is a great post, you are so right! I love the sandals :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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