Friday, October 10, 2014

Warna Warni Malaysia Buffet Dinner - Special Every Wednesday (Dorsett Subang)

When Dorsett's invitation for the Malaysia buffet dinner popped up in my mail, visions of all my favorite dishes floated before me. After all, as you know or you don't, nothing is more satisfying or rather, I am world's number one hard core lover of Malaysian food. Nasi/rice tops my list, followed by sambal, any type, and of course, other true, typical and authentic Malaysian dishes as well.  

I left home early, thinking that it’s going to be the usual massive evening traffic jam. Surprisingly, whatever reason it was, the roads were clear. No sooner, I was at the entrance of Dorsett. Together with my dinner companion, we made our way to the dining area. Indeed, the spread didn't disappoint both of us; showcasing the best Malaysian dishes.

I didn't know where to start. But then again, there's no right and wrong at buffets, take a plate, walk and look around, pick your choice and enjoy your meal.

We both took a little of this and that. Among those, otak-otak was essentially one we didn't want to miss out – grilled flavored fish paste, wrapped in leaves and tucked with sticks at both ends. Obviously it was light and likeable.

Among the other tiny serving of dishes we had on our plate. I have to mention that my favorites were the fried noodles and mee rebus. The fried noodles were drenched in a wonderful light sauce and the veggies inside were the highlights because they remain crunchy.
As for the mee rebus, I didn’t top it up with lots of condiments. A generous scoop of the enticing spicy gravy was good enough.

My companion on the other hand blew hot air about the satay; tender and easily ripped off from the wooden skewer(s).  

While there were plenty more dishes laid out for all to try,  

I certainly kept my composure because I was eyeing the ice kacang,
an ever popular Malaysian dessert, shaved ice, topped with coconut milk, syrups and varieties of sweet condiments.

What more can I say except praise it’s refreshing, icy and creamy burst in my mouth.
I could have towered another plate with the rest of the desserts, available for those with sweet tooth; including the kuih muih (cakes) and local fruits.  



But knowing very well that there’s no more space in my tummy, I was contented with admiring them. Moreover, it would have been such a waste if I didn’t finish them up.  I for once, don’t like to waste food, therefore a cup of hot coffee was a wise alternative to end our dinner.
Warna warni buffer is available every Wednesday. Go over and tuck into the authentic Malaysian food.

Thank you Dorsett Subang

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  1. Hi,so many photos,u hav much patience,OMG how many varieties of food,so colourful,beautiful nice treat for my eyes,I think u had a nice time

  2. So many nice food there. If I go for buffet I sure will sit there for a few hours

  3. i am in love with the beautiful menu :) and a lovely review dear

  4. Aw, bet you had a feast! The fruit carvings caught my attention, Nava!

  5. omg..this is a mouth watering post :P

  6. OMG!! yumminess all over, everything looks delicious:D

  7. Buffet dinners are amazing as ur spoilt for choice.. the food is so yummm :)


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