Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Porki Society @Sea Park (Petaling Jaya)

My Sunday routine is pretty straightforward. After a glass or two of quality wine on Saturday night (not always but wish quality wine is affordable), I sleep in late, wake up, laze around and if I feel like cooking, well, nasi goreng/fried rice with anything goes I cook. Otherwise, its coffee shop food. However, last Sunday was a different story all together. At the invitation of The Porki Society's team, I was at their restaurant - the latest food freebie in Sea Park which specialises in authentic Thai food and truly a porki society.

Having previously lived within this area for about 17 years, crystal clear I was with the direction. Actually it was my half-half who willingly and happily drove me to Jalan 21/9 (same row as KFC) and I got down after noticing the prominent black signboard.  
Upon walking in past twelve pm, there were a few familiar faces among the invited guests, media, foodies and bloggers. As usual, yours truly was the one and only Indian, so being stared at is a norm. Despite the busyness, one of the owners acknowledged my presence, ushered me to the empty table and told me to order my drink and that I will be sampling the already decided-put together set meal.
Spacious, well lighted up and with an open kitchen, the ambiance is so cool. I was particularly impressed with the colorful wooden table and chairs and more chairs at the right side in case customers have to wait before taking a seat. Choices are not aplenty but more dishes will be coming on the menu I was told. The signature is the Thai boat noodles between the dry and soupy version and there's other types of food and drinks as well though I didn't screen the menu upside down and inside out. I should have but??? Mmm!! Minus one mark for not being an observant blogger.

The first item that came was the rice noodle soup - a tiny serving of noodles in tad bit of dark Thai broth and with tender pork slices, tiny pieces of crispy fried pork skin, a pork ball and garnished with aromatic coriander leaves.           .
I of course you know-lah must lather up scoops of chillies. Thereafter, finished off every bit of everything at one go. Yum and flavorful the broth, bouncy and fresh pork ball and the crispy pork skin, crackling-crackly.
Just as I was tempted to call for another bowl, came the dried version noodles (2 bowls), almost with similar components and the extra, sliced pork liver, my all time favourite. Lovely dish I enjoyed but given a choice, the soupy noodle I won't miss out on.
After 3 bowls of noodles, I was still hungry and quietly went like "Please Sir, Can I some more?". I could have asked. Then again, it was wait and see what's next.
Now came the "Moo Tod Porki" and "Cap Moo Pork Rinds". The first - lightly flavoured roasted pork slices, thin crispy tasty layer and succulent meat. Certainly wasn't a battle to chew and within minutes, gone with the wind.
As for the crispy rings, basic seasoning but ahhh!! crazily crispy until when I sunk my teeth, a piece flew out of my mouth and landed on my table. Luckily no one noticed. These rings quickly munched while hoping more will come my way. No, that's about it while I sipped the classic coke that came with a small cup and straw. Intriguingly cute and "zinggggg" the childhood memories of playing "curry masak".

The tacoh was a sweet serenade to end my lunch. Lovely, so lovely the steamed 2 layered kuih/cake surrounded with pandan leaves, the top made with fresh coconut milk and the bottom, flour and corn mixture.

Indeed an awesome meal and after the group picture with the young upcoming entrepreneurs, I left.  
If you love porki dishes, The Porki Society you must try.

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  1. Eventhough I am not a pork fan it looks like people are going to love it -porki society-quirky but nice name.

  2. Hi Nava, the name of the restaurant first of all catch my attention. Am tempted to go there one day with my family and will definitely try the soupy pork noodles as recommended by you. I love taco and will definitely order this as well. Thanks Nava for sharing and warmest regards :)

  3. Looks like experience was as good as the food.

  4. Vow.. the food looked so good. seemed like a decent place.. i love that u get to sample foods from different restaurants.. Lucky u :D

  5. I know a lot of pork loves who, if they could, would definitely visit :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Not sure about this. would prefer they serve regular portion instead

  7. lovely clicks hope you guys really enjoyed the meal :)

  8. loved the steamed look so beautiful in the pic..looks like you enjoyed the meal..lovely clicks dear

  9. Nice post Navs and lovely clicks too...

  10. I think I could eat 10 bowls of that soup too! Love the stools in this restaurant - and the atmosphere - it looks so light and airy!


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