Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The King of Seafood - Canadian Atlantic Lobster Demonstration Show

The popularity (oops, ahem!!) of my blog is none other than my simple, easy and home cooked meals. Basically, what ever I cook for my family, I post it up. I also do incorporate seafood in my dishes, those I am familiar with. But never have I ever included lobster, because I don't know how to cook it.

When I was invited for the "King of Seafood; Canadian Atlantic Lobster" demonstration class (MIGF 2014), sponsored by the High Commission of Canada Piau Kee, seriously, I was overwhelmed. At once I agreed because its a chance for me to learn to cook lobster. 

 I sat right in front, watched and listened to Chef Nigel Ritcher attentively.
He demonstrated and I was totally glued. I know for a fact that watching alone isn't good enough and so, I pictured the step by step techniques and evidently, the most important: de-shelling.
 Fresh lobster into boiled water with lemon juice; to cook for a couple of minutes.
How to de-shell

The shells are packed with flavors, use them for a tasty broth.
Up next; demonstration on creating two dishes with the lobster meat. First; the lobster sandwich.

I made sure I sampled a bit of the sandwich; one whole lobster meat, seated on toast with a creamy sauce and asparagus, topped with a couple of herbs and drizzled with olive oil. I loved it. It was divine; just melted in my mouth. The next dish; lobster potato salad.

Indeed, another captivating dish; potatoes and lobster meat cooked in butter, scented with rosemary and plated with fennel, quail eggs, herbs and olive oil. During the demonstration, I was offered a glass of white wine. I had a sip after sampling both the dishes. Good match.
At the end of the event, we were informed about the chance to win a private cooking lesson with Chef Nigel. I am going for it. I submitted my entry at chef Nigel's facebook page, a picture with chef and wrote a honest caption; 
"Never have I ever de-shelled, cooked neither tasted the "King of Seafood - Canadian Atlantic Lobster". I loved its exquisite taste in the two dishes" Terima Kasih Chef Nigel Ritcher, also posted on my facebook page

I walked out feeling confident because I can now cook lobsters for my family. Thank you to those who invited me

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  1. everything is new to me!!!!!King of seafood...nice clicks

  2. o my God so many lobster varieties.. wasn't aware of that before. beautiful clicks as ever

  3. Wow love the demo dear.i knew the only fact about lobster is cook until the shell becomes red

  4. not my cup of tea but heaven for sea food lovers
    keep in touch

  5. How amazing. I bet you learned a lot.

  6. How cool...this is a fun event...thanks for all the pictures, I loved it!
    Hope you are enjoying your week :D

  7. seafood are my all time favorite as I'm from coastal region, nice clicks.

  8. gosh.....this post is drooling now, Nava.


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