Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sardine Rendang

Again and again I have been spring cleaning. Well, not spring cleaning my house but my blog. Precious the blog may seem on the surface but deep down the cobwebs must be permanently dusted out. The cobwebs are none other than permanently deleting some of the recipes. Not to say the recipes were not original or bluffology but hei! there's always room for improvement - "make again" the dishes to improvise on the taste and better picture quality instead of going over and over trying to repair and ending up no way. That almost sorted out, from nowhere popped out the idea for making sardine rendang. Why not? Improvising the "Chicken Rendang" and inventing a new recipe we should applaud. Shouldn't we?  Of course, I hear you loud and clear. Thank you. 

For the rendang paste 
7 dried red chillies
5 shallots
1 inch lengkuas/galangal
1/2 inch ginger
4 garlic
1 serai
** Blend/ground with some water for a smooth paste

Other ingredients
1 big can of sardines (about 6 pcs) - drain off the sauce and gently pat dry.
1 tsp rice flour
1 cup coconut milk
1 piece assam keping/dried tamarind (can also use tamarind juice)
1 daun kunyit/turmeric leaf - slice thinly
1 tbsp kerisik/pan fried and pounded fresh coconut
Salt for taste

Oil as needed

Add coconut milk, rendang paste, tamarind and salt in a wok/pot.
Simmer and stir to thicken.   
Meanwhile, dust/mix sardines with rice flour.
Deep fry, remove and keep aside.
Then add into the simmering rendang mixture. 
Gently stir, add kerisik, stir again and add turmeric leaf. 
Another few stirs and dish out.  
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  1. another tempting creation from you. love it

  2. i have never tried this before... such a lovely and different recipe dear nava..

  3. this reminded me that i should clean up my blog too
    really !! people use to write harsh comments, thats mean
    shockingly i never got any
    comming to the recipe , i like the malala's u used
    have a little request , can you do recipe on veg momo's and its dip
    keep in touch

  4. Wow that looks so good.. Loved all the flavors of this yummy sardine rendang..

  5. A different recipe...looks delicious......

  6. Yumm.. the pics n the method tempt me to have some right away.. Whatwver whomever might say, I'm definitely a fan of this space Nava :-) keep up ur great work..

  7. yum yum,,,eat with freshly baked bread sure nice

  8. Hi Nava, love this sardine rendang. I love sardines and would usually cook it in different versions ie curry, eggs, etc. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. You have an enjoyable weekend ahead and regards :)

  9. This looks colorfull and mouth watering.

  10. I like this spicy and aromatic fish dish with rice.nice clicks.

  11. new to me..a different recipe...


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