Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oppheim Hotel And Resort - Vossestrand, Norway

The long winded journey (Vossestrand) finally came to end. Almost a full day in the coach and by the time we arrived at this hotel, the sky slowly turning dark. Here a sleep-over, dinner and rest. Nice, cozy and more like a home stay medium size hotel overlooking a lake, the view from the entrance gorgeous as well but weather didn't permit. Absolutely cold. So we went into I would say apartment not room, stood on the balcony and then back to the dining area for dinner.

Dinner - between the grilled chicken or grilled salmon and both paired with potato and zucchini.  I opted for the chicken - crispy skin with tender meat. Nice?? Quite difficult to say. Okay, cooked well but not my kind of food. No chillies nava k bleeds in the heart but still ate. Other half however happy-happy with the fish. He liked and he sure polished off.

Dessert the strawberry custard in a glass, topped with strawberry syrup and whipped cream. As attractive as it seemed, overly sweet. After two or three spoons, the dessert put aside
After dinner, the men happily played cards while I tried to get some things done on the laptop.But sad case. Wifi crawled so slow until I gave up, showered and lights shut off by 11pm. Next morning, back the same dining area for breakfast. Breakfast definitely fared better. Choices of fresh fruits, types of bread, jam,eggs,ham, bacon, cheese, juices and hot beverages.

And for the first time, I tasted goat's cheese. Tasted like caramelised candy, really creamy and makes you wonder if you are actually eating cheese. Well, if not for label, I wouldn't have known this is cheese.

Now back to the entrance of the hotel, luggage into the coach and bye-bye to this resort. The journey starts to Flam.  

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  1. lovely clicks dear// such a great bunch of yummy food :D i am drooling :P

  2. I am so in love with this place!! Breathtaking views!!

  3. Nice views, good travel partner and had a damn good food,
    what else could be more great than that!!!

  4. The place looks stunning with breathtaking pics.. i hv never tried goat cheese too. thnx fr showing us around this place

  5. The views look amazing!! :) would love to visit Norway some day! Hotel dinners are never the greatest, though they are really convenient! I have yet to taste goat's cheese myself but now you make me want to try it!! Even the colour loos so different to normal cheese!

  6. Norway seems like a town where there would be fairytales, it is so beautiful :D
    Great post and you stayed at a wonderful location!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. The scenery is amazing! What a beautiful country and I loved going through your pictures.Glad you caught the potted blooms seated on a moss-covered tree stump. Beautiful!!

  8. Wow such a beautiful location loved the pictures :)


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