Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oppheim Hotel And Resort - Vossestrand, Norway

Long winded, almost a whole day journey (Vossestrand) finally drew to an end. By the time we arrived in Oppheim Hotel And Resort, darkness slowly dimmed over. Therefore, as much as I wanted to walk around within this quiet area, I couldn't. Didn't help was the blistering cold weather. I couldn't even stand outside, I had to quickly dash inside and stand among the 27 of us within the small reception area. Later, upon collecting my traditional key, still the old metal key, I made my way, not before waiting for my turn to get into the lift, prior to stepping into my room. Actually more of an apartment, comes with the much looked for facilities and fittings, we were already forewarn by the owner that smoking is not allowed, though can be done at the balcony, that too, sliding door must be closed. Facing the big lake, which you won't miss once you arrived and from your room balcony, Oppheim Hotel And Resort is akin a home stay medium size hotel. Homey deco especially at the reception area, room however was basic, but still a comfort zone. 

After leaving our things in the room, at about 7.00pm, we came down to the dining area. Dinner. Between grilled chicken or grilled salmon, both of these alongside potato and zucchini. I opted for crispy skin and tender moist inside chicken, whereas my other half-half truly loved the salmon. This fish man will be happy with fish for every other meal I believe. I too didn't mind the chicken, but can I next time have some some chilli sauce please??

For dessert, we had strawberry custard in a glass, topped with strawberry syrup and whipped cream. As attractive as it seemed, sadly an overly sweet rush. None of us actually spooned any further, just two mouthful the most, dessert sat on the table forever.
Back to the room, I showered and I think I knocked out by 10pm. I didn't have anything to look forward to anyway, wifi especially irritated the night lights out of me. I didn't even know what time my other half-half joined me after the men got together for rounds, after rounds of poker. Next morning, we were back at the same dining area. Breakfast. Fared a whole lot better compared to last's night dinner. Fresh fruits, various types of bread, jam, eggs ,ham, bacon, cheese, juices and hot beverages. Lovely. 

For the first time ever, I tasted goat's cheese. Tasted like caramelised candy, really creamy. Nice. I loved it. I wouldn't have known its goats cheese if I didn't look at the label. Goats cheese is definitely one up on my travel food diary. Remembered forever.

Bags loaded on the coach, thank you Oppheim Hotel And Resort and off we left for Flam.   
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  1. lovely clicks dear// such a great bunch of yummy food :D i am drooling :P

  2. I am so in love with this place!! Breathtaking views!!

  3. Nice views, good travel partner and had a damn good food,
    what else could be more great than that!!!

  4. The place looks stunning with breathtaking pics.. i hv never tried goat cheese too. thnx fr showing us around this place

  5. The views look amazing!! :) would love to visit Norway some day! Hotel dinners are never the greatest, though they are really convenient! I have yet to taste goat's cheese myself but now you make me want to try it!! Even the colour loos so different to normal cheese!

  6. Norway seems like a town where there would be fairytales, it is so beautiful :D
    Great post and you stayed at a wonderful location!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. The scenery is amazing! What a beautiful country and I loved going through your pictures.Glad you caught the potted blooms seated on a moss-covered tree stump. Beautiful!!

  8. Wow such a beautiful location loved the pictures :)


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