Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mazda CX-5

A couple of months ago, I had a major death defying moment. I met with a terrible accident. Thank god, I escaped with only pain in my hand but definitely I was traumatised. My car was a total loss. After that, I didn't dare to drive for a while but eventually I had to. The claim process with the insurance company drove me up the wall. It was a real hassle and I had to use every ounce of patience to deal with the relevant people. Finally, after two months I received my payment.

The next thing was deciding on which car to buy. I had a few models in mind and I also spoke to a couple of people about purchasing a SUV within my budget. Most of them told me to have a look at Mazda cars and their range of SUV's.
So, both of us went over to Mazda Glenmarie and surveyed the cars.

 I liked the CX-9 but mmm!!! budget? Not within what I can afford.
4X4 was tempting but not at all practical for my needs.
Between the rest - Maxda 3 and CX-5, I didn't know which I should go for. Mazda 3 is showy, classy and sleek with a nice interior but for that price, I think CX-5, wider with its latest technology impressed me.

I test drove both and concluded why I should consider the CX-5: 
Basically, its what I like - a high SUV.
I think I can afford.

The GPS system is splendid - key in your house address and just say "home" and you will be directed from where you are, back home.
Petrol consumption - good for my needs.
Of course, blue-tooth - can synchronise my phone numbers and I don't have to wire myself. It gives the hand-free mode to make and answer calls.
Voice activation - say the name, the number will be dialled.
Interior - stylish and wide - enough space for me to buy big plants for my house.
Auto lock and no key function,
Dual function - auto and manual.
Safe - hopefully I don't turtle my car again.

Other than that, please don't ask me about its technical specification. For me, I like the car and it gives me what I want.  Still, I won't tell if I agreed to buy the car.
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  1. Oh god!! Take care dear :) nice to know that u were safe n sound, Im not a car lover though!! but these pics are so much making me fall into love with the cars above :)

  2. Lucky you my friend, i always prefer the savety features car first!!!
    i guess i just did because i simply didn't know when i running out of luck....

  3. hmm......which one? decision decision.....yea have to see the budget too

  4. Thanks God, Nava, You are safe and sound. Well, me too, not knowing much of car specification as I only know how to drive. To me, it's just a means of transport and model of car is not utmost important to me. As long as I feel safe and comfortable when behind the wheel, that's it. You take care,dear and warmest regards :)

  5. I dnt knw a thing abt cars.. bt if u are happy with ur purchase nothing like it.. i loved ur choice :)

  6. Oh my - so sorry to hear about your traumatizing accident - am so glad you are ok!

  7. Take care my friend, so sorry you had to go through the accident :(
    On a nicer note, all these cars look quite luxurious! Just make sure for safety features!

    Choc Chip Uru


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