Monday, October 6, 2014

Kon-Tiki Museum - Oslo, Norway

If you are visiting the Viking Ship Museum, you might as well include "Kon-Tiki" Museum. Nearby, close-by and a walk over. The name of this museum surely you would have heard. I mean we know or we have watched the movie right? Okay. Okay. This museum houses the original vessels and artefacts from Thor Heyerdahl's world renowned expeditions. Thor one of the world's famous scientists, adventurers and environmental campaigners of all time. His world wide famed expedition on Kon-Tiki (1947) became more popular after it was made into a movie and nominated for an Academy award. So now you know about the movie?? Right. This museum is slightly dim inside, so adjust the camera before you shot. I went haywire with the camera, so some pictures compared to rest were okay.    

By and large, this museum is also a tribute to the men who had the courage to cross the Pacific on a balsa wood raft. And besides knowing about Heyerdahl's life, love and travels, you will be familiar with the Ra expedition that crossed the Atlantic landing in Barbados and the amazing adventure of Thor.

Now as you come out of the museum, cross the road, stand there to see the coastline of the sea and picturesque a couple of shots for remembrance. 

Done for the day with sightseeing, next was dinner and then back to the hotel before a long winding journey to Gol and Flam.
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  1. wow another lovely review from norway.. great work done on photography dear

  2. I loved going through your post and hope that I would some day visit Norway

  3. Nice to know abt this place i hv never visited .. lovely pics n the food is yummy :)

  4. Hi Nava, thank for the tour and sharing all the wonderful pictures. Excellent posting!
    The food look delicious too. :))

    Have a nice week ahead,regards..


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