Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brighten Up Your Makeup This Winter

When the clouds are overcast and later rain or snow decides to camp out for a while, it’s easy to let the weather get you down and make your outfit and make-up feel washed out and dull. The winter blues can come on suddenly and when they do, it’s hard to find a way around them. You can counteract feeling blue during the winter by brightening up your winter look. Not only can you wear some bright hues to feel the warmth of sunshine once more, but you can also apply make-up that will make your face look warmer and lovely during the cold months. Having bright and beautiful make-up will make spring come more quickly.  

Find the Perfect Concealer
Use concealer during the dark winter months to instantly brighten your face. Concealer can act as a refresher that not only will refresh your look but it will also make your face look work ready, especially if you've recently had a long day. When you shop for a concealer, look for one that comes in a few shades lighter than what your actual skin tone is. The make-up shade shouldn't be so light that it looks unnatural on your face, but if you pick a lighter shade, it will brighten and highlight your face as opposed to just blending in with your natural skin tone. To set in your new concealer use a tarte BB tinted primer. A primer will keep your concealer on your face for many hours and will also make it look smooth, natural looking, and bright.
Make Use of Highlighters
One of the most obvious ways to brighten up your make-up look is to use a highlighter. Highlighters are one of the most sought-after beauty products for a brighter and beautiful face. This type of make-up comes in powder or liquid and can be used above and below your eyebrows, in the inner corners of your eyes and on the top of your cheek bones. Use a highlighter to your advantage and make your make-up look dewy and luminous this winter.

Camera Ready Mascara
For a beautiful winter selfie don’t forget about mascara. If you currently wear mascara that flakes a lot you need to replace your current mascara or try a different type. tarte lights camera lashes mascara is fantastic mascara that doesn’t flake, goes on as thick or light as you’d like, and makes your eyes pop for the camera. It’s also water proof if you need mascara that stays on without washing off easily.
During the winter if you want your eyes to pop and stand out in addition to your other make-up, this is a great way to light up your face and eyes during the winter. Bottom line: don’t let the winter get you down when you can use make-up tricks to brighten up your beautiful appearance and outlook on life!

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  1. Yes...winter is about to knock the door and we really have to face it with proper arrangements

  2. i so wish tart was available in india

  3. sounds amazing

  4. yea we should take special care during winter..

  5. i'm confuse what am i reading, lol

  6. great post..really needed as winters are coming :D

  7. Sounds perfect for winter skin :)
    Glad summer is here for us!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. I love tarte cosmetics bt sadly its unavailable here.. the mascara wand looks so interesting!!

  9. I have not tried this brand, think it is not available here.


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