Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teh Tarik Place - Empire Shopping Gallery (Subang Jaya)

"Teh Tarik Susu-Susu Tin" is truly synonymous for us Malaysians.We love the sugar loaded calorie jolting hot beverage and you name it, we love tarik-tarik pulled high up tea any time of the day. Cheaper definitely is teh tarik at coffee shops and road side stalls but in an air-conditioned cosy eatery at Empire Subang? Fixed cost and variable cost must be included in the bill. Okay-so, three of us walked in, flipped-flopped the menu and ordered.

Despite being told "Mamak Mee Goreng" is the sensational dish, I was adamant because Asam Laksa no matter what, I triple love. Here at Teh Tarik Palace (oopsie!) Place indeed a wrong checkmate. The thick tangy-spicy broth with bitsy fish pieces and generously soaking the laksa noodles, some sliced cucumber, salad leaves, green chillies and pineapple - aromatic and flavourful, Yet, yet, yet, a let down. Broth must be piping hot for noodle dishes. Disappointed, I sipped the Teh-O-Limau (ice Malaysian lime tea) and almost dripped down my saliva seeing the two friends tucking in the mee goreng and teh tarik.

Fried together with yellow noodles, prawns, egg, onion, tomato, bean sprouts, soy sauce and chilli paste and calamansi lime to squash up before forking in the "Mee Goreng", ahhhh!! What a mistake I didn't order.
The friends were willing to share but I didn't want as they were hungered into the limited portion. The teh tarik absolutely the best pairing for mee goreng whereas the barley ice is the plain option.

"Mamak Mee Goreng" and "Teh Tarik" I could have and should have ordered. Never mind, there's the mamak stall nearby my place and cheaper of course.

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  1. wow again trip with friends :) hope you have lovely friends around.. God bless you dear.. really liked the menu.. to me i am so attracted with prawn noodles and barley ice :)

  2. Haha at the hearing people misery and all. I have never been into a Malaysian style restaurant but would try one out. I hardly experiment with food, so eating is usually a big deal but I am gonna try. You only live once.

  3. I am somehow attracted over the tea .Had a nice time i guess

  4. looks like you did not like the eatry much , i was pumped to red barley drink but it does not sound that good
    keep in touch

  5. Since I have never had Malaysian food, I would is always an experience trying different food.
    Enjoy the rest of your week Nava :D

  6. Saw this place next to the escalator in Empire but never stop by

  7. These noodles look very alluring...

  8. What an awesome place to have fun at :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. I love mee goreng, but ours over here don't have prawns :< Hey Nava, can't help but the pix of you in the gorgeous yellow sari just popped up again! You look seriously good! xoxo


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