Saturday, September 20, 2014

Frogner Park - Oslo, Norway

On your way out from Akerhaus Fortress and before arriving at Frogner Park, you get to see a fair bit of Oslo. If you are travelling in a coach, sit near the window and stick your head so close there to see "Karl Johan's Gate" street and whatever that comes along the way.     

Within time next, we have stepped foot in Frogner Park. The biggest park in the central parts of Oslo, world's largest sculpture park by a single artist, renowned as one of the must visit and packed crazily with people from all walks of life. Walking in, we admired the sculptures on both sides of the long bridge, simultaneously took pictures and Frogner Park by itself holds the largest collection of roses and numerous species of plants. Beautiful view indeed.  

Once you walk further in, almost towards the end of Frogner Park, I bet you will admire the central piece highest peak attraction. Vigeland's sculptures/statues. Art it is in different expressions, styles and sizes of the statues. Truly revealing human nature back to Adam and Eve's era, supposedly an an eye opener for those who are not open minded but as said, if you look from the perspective of master piece, you will indeed understand the meaning of these sculptures, including the 46ft Monolith, made-up of 121 human figures rising to the sky and carved from a single piece of granite.       

Finally, after at least 2 hours, we were at back to the exit to depart to Noble Peace Center, thereafter lunch nearby. 

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  1. nava u r looking great.. hope you really enjoyed at your journey :)

  2. The sculptures look amazing!

  3. Loved the pics and how u were posing too.. Thanks fr showing us around :)


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