Monday, September 15, 2014

Akershus Fortress - Oslo, Norway

Day 2 tour in Copenhagen went on as scheduled. We visited Frederiksborg Castle and after lunch, to Kronborg Castle. However, towards the last 10 minutes while looking across the sea and Scania, a little rush to make it on time to board the ship to cruise to Olso, Norway.
Sleeping in the basic little cabin definitely not like sleeping in your nice bedroom but what choice you have? Holidays and tours supposedly puts you through different experiences and you learn to survive out of the comfort zone. I eventually slept off for a few hours but half-half, you can hear him tossing and turning on the upper deck. He completely forgot where he was and literally jumped from there to go to the bathroom. Thank god the parts were functioning as usual after we showered and went for the "all you can gawk down" buffet. breakfast. 

Then the wait for the ship to dock in Oslo. Another hour before carrying or dragging the luggage and bags and into the coach. First stop at Akershus Fortress - interesting historical place with the range of architectural styles beautiful buildings on a hill in Oslo city centre. Walk again into the large area with breathtaking nature surrounding to see the castle, built to protect Olso in 1290, used as a prison and currently, official events and functions are held here.

And if you have time, see the armed forces museum at least from the outside. Of course you can also walk in but we had to leave to Frogner Park, the largest park in the city covering 45 hectares.

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  1. Impressive and so beautiful! Loved that you included the pictures of the plantings. What a profusion of blooms!

  2. wow nava so beautiful clicks castle and the prison.. i am really amazed by your photography :)

  3. I could see the places through your camera's lens

  4. Nice place to be seen .Travelling all time :)

  5. Thanks for the virtual tour Nava...I sure enjoyed the pictures...
    Have a great week :D

  6. You've been to Norway too, Nava? Gosh, you beat me in the game!

  7. Vow.. u seemed to have a great time.. Thanks for showing us around.. lovely pics :)

  8. Looks like a great place, somewhere I've always wanted to go.

  9. I had seen this lovely clicks in fb and was wondering where is the link towards it!! I love ur venture of traveling and food. If i have to think back the same for myself Im not the person who can venture so much!! so i adore ur sprit keep sharing with us

  10. I love your blog so much I love the photos and I love the recipes! Now, I'm more willing to keep my diet on! Keep on inspiring people!
    By the way, I followedyou via GFC.
    Please follow me too.

    New Post Up On The Blog: Out of Sight |

    With Love,
    Monique (The Slim Kid Inside)

  11. Wow you took me to Norway through your post.. The pics speaks for itself.. Your not only a great blogger but a great photographer too..

  12. Looks like a charming place.. thanks for the virtual tour..


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