Friday, August 1, 2014

Uncle Seng Homemade Noodles - SS15, Subang Jaya

The first time at Uncle Seng, perhaps two years ago and I returned again with a friend. Actually, we could have walked to this popular noodle house but with the blistering heat on this day, the smartly dressed friend just wouldn't. So-so-so, we had no choice but to double park, follow the unspoken rule of leaving the phone number on the windscreen and then, we walked into the busy, noisy, no frill and quite run down restaurant.  

So here, service is super speed and you can at once decide what to order between the different types of noodles and the different ways they are served. Before you know, food and drinks will be on the table, thus, help yourself to the vibrant chilli dip, pickled chilli or soy sauce and tuck into your meal.
We ordered curry chicken noodle, deep fried pork noodle and barley ice (2x).
Pork noodle consisting of thick yellow noodles, blanched green veg and crispy sliced pork, a hearty portion and the friend preferred to eat without any spiciness. After tucking in, he commented that it was a good meal.
The curry chicken noodle - the same yellow noodles with a fiery red curry and the same blanched green veg. While the taste was acceptable, I would have appreciated more curry to banjir/flood the noodles but guess, this was it. And the ordinary soup for these two dishes? Well, so little we tasted.

Uncle Seng is the place for affordable noodle dishes and is still drawing plenty of customers. For me, with many other eateries within the same vicinity, I'll keep my options open.

88, Jalan SS15/4b
Subang Jaya

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  1. LOL...the parking at that area memang hard to the place being popular...sure have to wait long for parking

  2. It always feels terrible when you go to a restaurant with an amazing reputation and find out the food is not good

  3. lovely clicks nava sweety :) restaurant simply looks great :)

  4. Hi Nava, the noodle look good. Ha...I love the bottle of pickled green chilli. :))
    Nice pictures.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

  5. Somehow, I always like visiting those stalls with traditional names. I just have that kind of idea that they serve good authentic food :)

  6. YUM! I love noodle dish, especially you I like nine with more sauce...
    Enjoy your weekend Nava :D

  7. I love homemade noodles.Normally it comes in soup, a nice difference to see it served dry

  8. you have so much to show us!! love the way you bring out all the details. Looking forward for more. it is like im exploring along with u hehe


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