Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spinach Bhaji (Fritters)

Spinach, the wonder veggie we learned from "Popeye The Sailor Man" and spinach is a favourite I think in every household, except among the healthy kids who prefer fried chicken, pizza or other fast food. Spinach can be cooked in million ways (spinach sambar/dhal curry, prawn spinach sodhi/coconut gravy, aloo palak, spinach mint soup,cumin spinach tofu and spinach tomato soup) but the kids still won't eat. So, what about bhaji/fritter for the crispy crunch-crunch and that which will disappear as soon as it is fried up. This bhaji if they still won't eat, we shall eat as a side for rice or what about for high five high tea??

1 small bunch spinach - thoroughly wash and sliced into 1 inch length.
1 large onion - slice thinly
1 tsp cumin seeds
3/4 cup besan/kadalai flour
1 tsp rice flour
2 tsp corn flour
Pepper and salt for taste
Oil as needed
Add all ingredients together.
Mix while adding water for a either thick or runny batter, whichever you prefer.
Scoop bit by bit and fry in oil till crispy.
Dish out. 
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  1. The fritters look delicious Nava. Love the taste of spinach when fried gives a nutty aroma too.

  2. Its raining here and the bhaji is just the kind of thing that I feel like having right now. :D

  3. Excellent evening snacks..Love this anytime !!

  4. My husband at the sight is drooling right now. =D
    We call bhajis vegetable sides in goa.
    Terrific recipe, thanks for sharing and hope you have been fine!

  5. Crispy and delicious fritters.... lovely clicks Nava :)

  6. Oh god! Sounds delicious, awesome click

  7. Simple no nonsense fritters! Love it!

  8. it look like a different kind of spinach pakora , i must try

  9. I have always stir fried spinach. didnt know it's suitable for frying too. thanks for the recipe. will try

  10. Nice crispy snack Nava.. Raining so heavily what a treat it would be to go with tea :-)

  11. They look so delectable Nava ! Amazing clicks !

  12. wow, did not know that can fry this vege!

  13. Fritters are looking so crunchy.. very innovative dear.. best for the kids who dot like spinach and we have to motivate them u will look like a popeye if you eat spinach.. lol.. I am sure these fritter will definitely catch their eye :) lovely recipe .. thanks for sharing sweety love Monu

  14. loved the crispy and delish spinach bhaji look ...

  15. This is such a simple yet yummy recipe.. thanks fr sharing.. wud love to try :)


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