Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 (Caramel)

While CC Cream is an extended moment of the BB Cream and have been raved by beauty bloggers, sad to say I am far behind time. Just recently, yes, recently after reading a couple of reviews, I was at the shopping mall to get one. Going from one beauty store to the other wasn't fruitful neither did it help that the dolled up beauty consultants were not keen in closing sales with me. I definitely was angry but instead of giving them a piece of my mind, I walked away because obviously I felt it was their lost and not mine. Eventually at the Laura Mercier counter I was told that compared to CC Cream, this tinted moisturiser is far better for hydrating and to even out skin tone with a nice consistency for giving a hint of natural shade.

Product Description
Laura`s revolutionary and award-winning tinted moisturizer is a sheer, lightweight moisturizer with SPF 20 that can be used in place of foundation for a natural appearance while adding a healthy glow to the complexion. Laura recommends starting at the outer portion of the face and working inwards toward the nose. Avoid excess application around the contours of the face. Blend well. Repeat application until desired coverage is achieved for 
- Normal skin 
- Sheer Coverage 
- Natural Finish 
- Moisturising Factor 
This moisturizer (40 ml) provides a sheer coverage to impart a lovely radiance on my sensitive-combination skin. It also does not give a chalky and cakey texture but is great for a natural and no make up look which I appreciate too. It doesn't make me look oily and greasy, more importantly, I cannot be happier because it does not break me up but my T-zone does get shiny after a few hours. Even though this tinted moisturiser is embalmed with SPF 20, not good enough to protect our skin from the blistering sun, so we have to further defend alongside a sunblock (Heliocare SPF 50 & MAC  Lightful SPF30 Moisturizer Hydratantand a light dust of powder (Shu Uemura Glowing Compact Powder SPF26) is essential to set in safely. However, it is a great all-in-one product if you are only using it to shield from indoor UVA rays, away from the windows where sun can still strongly penetrate in. I have to admit I quite like this tinted moisturiser though the only regret is that I should have gotten a lighter shade so that I can easily even out and smoothly blend its slightly heavy and thick formula. As for the packaging, the moisturiser gradually drips out of the tube to the cover when stored with the neck down. The tube is definitely is travel friendly but make sure the cover is tightly closed to avoid spill/leaks, especially during hot-humid weather. 
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  1. i really like the fact that it helps with controlling oil but in a place like delhi i need SPF 30 atleast
    keep in touch

  2. a good review. The word caramel caught my eyes

  3. Most of the times SA's do not suggest proper products bt m glad that this one worked for you.. nicely reviewed dear :)

  4. Interesting I never try their tinted Moisturizer I had try their primer and powder was very pleased need to ck this one out thanks for the great review.


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