Saturday, August 23, 2014

Copenhagen (Denmark ) - Day 1 (Part 3)

So we arrived at Copenhagen, lunched (Copenhagen Part 1), visited "The little mermaid" and "Gedion Fountain & St. Alban's Church" and then a short journey to Amalienborg Palace - serene, spacious and a nice breather with hardly any people or very small groups of people but as said, it is in huge area,  so compared to other crowded sightseeing spots (Venice, Italy), there will be no rushing-pushing to leisurely walk around the palace, see, admire and enjoy the breezy breeze as well. This palace obviously is about the history of the Danish royal family and if you arrive at the stipulated time, you will witness the changing of guards.  

The guards may not smile or shake hands with you, but they won't mind if you take pictures with them (Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum). After spending around an hour here, we then embarked on the city tour. Standing at the save junction, we glimpsed at the old stock exchange as well as at other buildings prior to journeying to Carlsberg Brewery. 

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  1. That is a part of the world that I haven't seen. So beautiful! Always a treat to go through your pictures and enjoyed going on this virtual tour. Girl, you look great!!

  2. Love that cute poise, Nava! I've only seen changing guards in London. Looks like another great experience, dear!

  3. Beautiful pictures and you look so smart and gorgeous!! It is clear from your smile that you are having a great fun!! :)


  4. like your top nava.. you looks amazingly beautiful :) one more review about denmark :) i like it :)

  5. You look like you are having a ball my friend, seeing all the history :D
    What a wonderful place!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. i can't handle myself to not to laught looking that ridiculous guard costumes, lol

  7. what a nice time you have there :)

  8. You are making me fall in love with the place..the pictures are stunning

  9. awesome photographs!! you look great dear


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