Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Restoran Ho Poh (Bandar Puteri) Puchong

Amma/mother/mummy/emak/ma or however comfortable you are with mum, they sure strongly hold the home fort and they are special. Came again another Mother's Day and mum and us back to Bandar Puteri (Bumbu BaliBibiwok Nyonya & Kiat Seng). On an ad-hoc basis, I, yes I decided - let's try Restaurant Ho Poh because mum quite like Chinese food. We sat in the traditional ambiance, menu came and I (I again) called for "out of our usual" type of dishes. Dad however already sounded that he wants a bowl of noodles and drinks included as well.

Cucumber Lime Juice
San Bao (Herbal) Juice
 Ribena Orange
Ice Soya Bean

Arriving first was the fish ball noodle - simply cooked for the simple flavours, brimming with bouncy fish balls and green veggies, dad loved every bit of it. 
Our meal started with "Hopoh Rui Cha", a healthy mixture of rice, fresh green veggies, fried shrimps, peanuts and fried shallots, accompanied with "green is the colour" soup. 

The rice everyone didn't mind but the healthy soup made with a couple of green leafy veggies, only mum and me pleasured into. The family including my half-half just wouldn't go for more than a single scoop of the quite bland soup.  
The rest of the dishes arrived simultaneously. Bitter gourd omelette -  fluffy eggs fried in lots of oil and with thinly sliced still slightly bitter gourd, we equally shared and finished off.  
The crunchy mixed vegetables obviously was an immediate sell-out.  
The fried fish generously topped with aromatic fried garlic, coriander leaves and smothered with soy sauce, no complains from the family and absolutely loved.   
The tender ginger chicken in a thick lightly scented soy ginger gravy was so good eaten with rice.   
All the dishes were cleared and after paying RM125.00 for this healthy meal and in a restaurant I've never heard off,  I must say service was attentive, no regrets for coming over and I won't mind returning again and again.   
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  1. delicious menu dear and i love the fish and really thinking how they chop it

  2. The food looked yummy and healthy to me...glad that u enjoyed it.. yes mummy's love is always unconditional ☺

  3. Love all the different colours and that cucumber and lime juice sounds great.

  4. Really liked the look of sunet orange drink and the tender looking chicken curry and omlette with bittergourd ohhho that is a must try.Love bittergourd.

  5. fried egg with bitter gourd???????????????never heard this combo! lovely pics

  6. all the dishes are colorful and attractive...nice post along with menu card :)

  7. Wow, such a comforting meals!!!
    never had bittergourd omelet before, tempting to try....

  8. I found some new dishes here,specially the omelet with bitter gourd and crispy veggie mix,drinks also sounds new and yum...seems like a good experiance!


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