Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grand Dorsett Subang - Warna Warni Ramadhan Buffet

At the special invitation from Grand Dorsett, I was among the rest who arrived at the ballroom for the ramadhan buffet. At the entrance, I was greeted and ushered to the table reserved for invited guest. While others were getting ready over the huge array of dishes, I sat through the opening speech and prayer recitation.

After that, a few of the staff(s) came by and invited me to join the rest and help myself on the food and drinks neatly arranged and displayed at one end of the room.

And of course as a foodie blogger, I don't immediately dive into eating because first thing first; pictures. So my camera was focussed on the laid out Malaysian dishes. It took some time because people were walking and picking what they wanted to savor, indirectly blocking my view and angle. 
I also noted that many opted for a few pieces of dates followed by the rest. Among the many dishes, the mains were awesomely tempting.

Including the various types of soups

 and curries in earthern pots.

When it came to my turn, I didn't want to miss out on the raw salad(s), chilli, spicy and traditional sambal/sauces/dips.

 Ohhhh!!! I went berserk with the various salted fish dishes; another which knocked out me immediately.

As I proceeded further, I also took tiny portion(s) of chicken and lamb,

came back my table and together with my friend, we tucked into the dishes we selected.

While we were tucking in and quietly chatting, we were entertainment by Malaysian artists; showcased at the centre stage. We finished off our mains and made another round for desserts.There were other stuffs as well but since we were only keen in desserts, we just kept within what we wanted.

And with plates in our hands, we were back to where were seated.

While we continued with the fabulous Malaysian desserts; the show was going on; artists rendering Malay songs.
This buffet must be popular because I bumped into quite a handful of friends and ex-colleagues. Definitely I had a great time and yes, its the food, entertainment and warm hospitality from every staff of Dorsett I came in contact with.

Thank you, terima kasih, toa chie and nandri Grand Dorsett Subang.

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  1. Oh that is such a beautiful spread of meal.So much to choose from ..u are making me hungry..

  2. so many yummy fruits ans such a huge spread of food , amazing
    keep in touch,

  3. Lucky you!! And your photos did justice to the spread. Thank you for sharing scenes from such an interesting evening. Loved it!!

  4. Looks like you were invited to a really tasty event. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

  5. what a lovely arrangement ...hope you had lot of delicious food

  6. Nice spread of food! The name Grand Dorsett sounds familiar........

  7. So many varieties of food and the desserts looks mouth watering.

  8. What a thorough post, the food all looks wonderful :D
    A feast for sure!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. OMG that was definitely a food paradise.. felt hungry looking at the pics only :D


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