Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cincalok Omelette

Until now, I can't forget the taste of fried eggs with cincalok I tasted almost two years ago in Eleven Bistro, Malacca.  From there on, I've been trying to replicate it a couple of times; the taste was acceptable and so, we eat. Yet I wasn't totally satisfied with the composite of ingredients because I felt that I can still improvise on the flavors. 

You may presume; what's the need of going at great length in trying to perfect a simple dish. I thought so but the reality isn't the same. It's about the exact amount of cincalok; a thick watery shrimp base sauce similar in smell and taste as belacan/shrimp paste.
When extra of it is added; salty to the highest degree and too little; flat in taste. That again depends on your own preference. Finally I comprehended; 1 tablespoon for three eggs is substantial enough. To uplift the flavors further; chopped shallots and spring onions, chillies and tad bit of sugar.  

3 eggs
1 tbsp cincalok
1 tsp sugar
3 shallots - chopped
2 red chillies - chopped
2 stalks spring onions
1/2 lime
3 tbsp oil

Lightly beat and mix eggs with cincalok. 
Keep aside.
In heated oil, saute shallots and chillies
Pour egg mixture over.
Spread it by titling the pan.
Sprinkle springs onion on top.
Turn to cook the other side when there's no egg liquid left. 
Either remove it as one big piece or gently run it with spatula to cut into pieces.
Serve with lime to squeeze over before eating.
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  1. This is new to me but looks too good...

  2. looks delicious, have to find this here.

  3. i love this. recall having it in a restaurant in melaka. taste great but when came home tried to duplicate , failed. will try your method pulak

  4. This omelette looks awesome :D
    Delicious recipe! By the way, it is a bit weird but I am not getting any of your recipes in the mail?

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. looking delicious .can we try this with usual szchewan sauce

  6. Wow, I can imagine the taste! Must be wonderful!!

  7. Omlettes are always welcome with as many variations as possible. This one sounds unique...never tried it before. The first photo makes me hungry:-)

  8. Thanks fr sharing the recipe... Looks so delicious.. we wont get the Cincalok over here though...

  9. Yum. Looks really good. I like how colorful it is.

  10. interesting! I have never eaten omelette with cincalok before! I wonder how it would taste . want to try it one day!

  11. Anything with egg is good to me, yours is inviting :)


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