Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - So Many Books, So Little Time

Are you a bookworm? Do you like to buy books online? Do you love good books as much as you love good music or a funky movie? Are you into games, gadgets, apparels or shopping for any single thing in particular? Well, whatever you are hooked to, online book store, just explore favorite deals on books and ebooks at couponrani.

Flipkart is offering Flat 40% off on Humor, Travel, Health & Fitness books.

The offer enables you to shop for your favorite books without worrying about the process of these objects. The reason behind it is that these discounts allow you to shop for whatever you want at a reduced price applicable as per the established rules. You can get your hands on such discount anytime and save tons of money when you shop next time. These discounts are great as you can buy anything as per your wish without worrying about your budget!

The books on which you get discounts are as follows, have a look at them:

Flipkart discounts on books

Humor Books:
If you sincerely consider books as your best pal then these books would certainly not let you down. Want to enhance your sense of humor? Want to be the breath of the party? Want to gain popularity in your circle? Then you can definitely make these books your boss. Books entitled Kitnay Aadmi Thay?,
The Average Indian Male,
The Diary of a Social Butterfly
provide a good dosage of humor to keep one ever smiling and fit.

Is a fitness- freak obsessed by six packs, slim-trim figure? Is gym your second home? Then you have landed at the right spot. Flipkart has it all: Body Goddess,
My Yummy Mummy Guide,
Yoga the Path to Holistic Health, 
Lose a Kilo a Week
and much more - unlimited tips and tricks on weight loss if you are overweight, the correct postures illustrated with pictures on asans in yoga with detailed description, the fads and facts on consumption of certain foods, nutritional value of certain well talked about food items with the latest research results and other health and fitness secrets revealed to you at subsidized rates.

Flipkart is presenting to you the golden opportunity to befriend travel guides which help you explore the unseen world. The amazing facts and figures provided boost up your knowledge and serve as a comprehensive guide upon the subject. The deal includes some of the best-sellers which would take you on a roller coaster ride across the varied cultures, food habited, customs and traditions of the unexplored world lying at your feet. Some of the best deals includes book on:

1 India Guide: The Most Comprehensive Guide To India

2. Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master
3. Highway On My Plate: The Indian Guide To Roadside Eating

4. India Road Atlas
5. Culture Shock! India: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

What are you waiting for? Just explore list of Flipkart Discount Offers. Then come and grab a copy of your favorite book today since the offers lasts on limited stock. Have a happy journey on the ride to reading!  

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  1. I am not a much into books but one of my friends is and she always gets books on Flipkart , they have great offers
    Keep in touch

  2. Very interesting post, I loved all the books displayed in your post :)

  3. I am hearing so much about this website.. very informative :)

  4. Yes! Now you are talking my language....Me love!

  5. I am a bookworm, so is my husband. Thanks for this post!

  6. All my books I purchase from online shops! This sounds nice too :)

  7. I am a bookworm, I buy most of my books from flipkart only.


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