Monday, June 16, 2014

Morning Bazaar - Georgetown, Penang

Breakfast was over within 40 minutes or so, After that, other half returned to the PREMIUM SUITE despite persuaded to follow me to the stalls across the road. He still wouldn't, I however decided to go ahead. I walked towards the stalls selling all sorts of things -  food, costume jewellery, knick knacks, clothes, decorations, plants etc etc. I basically look-see, look-see and leisurely walked around. 

Some of things sold at this bazaar obviously are home made including the food stuffs and crafts, ​​whereas the rest mostly Malaysian things you can buy at any pasar pagi/morning, pasar malam/night or at bazaars ( Fremantle Market ). Actually you know what? I was tempted to buy. But ........ I just felt that the traders were not customer friendly. While I was looking at the things, they completely ignored, stared or continued yapping among each other. Sad for them because I could have given them business. Well, perhaps their target market is the "mat sallehs" instead of assuming that a local like me will bargain or won't buy. So much for the locals traders trying to earn a living!!

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  1. Love the displays! Such an interesting bazar...but strange about the traders' behaviour. Loved going through the photos.

  2. They probably were fascinated by you :) I loved some of the things in the photos!


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