Saturday, June 21, 2014

MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula SPF30PA++ Moisturizer Hydratant

Heliocare gel certainly was proven as a perfect fit for my sensitive-combination skin. Having squeezed every bit of it, I guess the next decision is deciding on which product I should buy for protecting my skin against the sun. At the shopping mall, I was automatically drawn to MAC store (MAC Formula Cleanser), between their range of sun defense products, I heard it loud and clear on MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula SPF30PA++ Moisturizer Hydratant, a 4 in 1 hydratant (RM160.00 for 50ml) that works in quadruple ways as a moisturizer, UV protector, foundation primer and skin brightener. 

This lightweight and soothing emulsion conditions skin while providing long-lasting UVA/UVB protection without affecting the wear of makeup. A potent addition of vitamin C gives skin its brightening effects to help look clearer and brighter immediately or over time. Skin tone is improved with continued use, MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula SPF30PA++ Moisturizer Hydratant is suited for all skin types.
This moisturiser comes in an opaque, white hardy bottle with a lock-on dispenser to prevent spillage and to keep it save longer. To use, press the pump to dispense the moisturiser, however, its quite a thing with the pump. You have to guess if it will work, not work at all, work at first and then stop working. So, logically, you have to keep pumping. Each pump gives such a small amount, thus, it will take a while for you to know how many pumps will dispense the amount you need for your face or even for your neck.  
This moisturiser has a pleasant soapy scent which does not irritate, the texture is smooth and easy to apply, meaning this non-greasy cream glides quickly on your skin. Its slight white case will disappears quickly albeit its thick and shiny formula. But after applying powder to set in it, skin is soft and velvety. Additionally, it didn't break me up neither felt dry. Overall, this moisturiser is a convenient product worth purchasing, but as I have said earlier, you gotto watch the pump and I suppose for an imported, you pay the price. 

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  1. Oh looks like a nice product

  2. Well it sounds like a perfect moisturiser specially for dry skin girl but its way too pricy..
    I don't think it will suit me as my skin does not need moisturiser in summer
    Very honest review sweets
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    Keep in touch

  3. seems good! a bit pricey but

  4. Packaging is v classy..
    Looks great product n nice review nava

  5. looks lovely...would love to try it :)

  6. MAC products are lovely.. only prob is the price.. great review dear Navi :)

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  8. Looks like another great product from MAC, the packing is also cute.


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