Monday, June 23, 2014

Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream

It has always been my face and never my feet. Perhaps once a upon a time, I diligently applied foot cream when crises called for, thereafter I have conveniently forgotten about my feet. Sad to say, even when I apply lotion on my body, I just wouldn't care for my feet. Maybe, could be or should be because bending down or lifting my feet up seem like too much of a thing to do. Anyway, the cracks and dryness were still under control until recently for the past six months or so. Well, I am assuming it must be due to hormonal imbalance symptom, lack of moisture, wearing shoes that exposed my heels and over exposure to water. So, I wasn't alarmed that my feet felt so rough and tough and I had to do something. That something took me to the pharmacy and among the limited choices, I opted for Ellgy mainly because it is a familiar brand.  

This heel cream is rather thick and oily and a bit goes a long way for your entire foot. After thoroughly applying by massaging it including on the sole, well, I will advice you to stay put for at least 15 minutes. Otherwise, you will be dragging the sticky cream all over the place. But if you still have to get up and move, please wear a slipper and please be careful especially on wet floor because if you are not careful, you can slip and fall. This cream is best applied after showering and perhaps when you are watching tv as not to walk around. 
I have been continuously using this cream for a week once a day.  The cracks became less noticeable and my feet felt smooth and soft. Of course a vast improvement compared to how ugly it was earlier. Then I fell into the habit of forgetting or laziness crept in. Thus, within the next 3 days, my skin became rough and dry again. This means you have to apply at least every alternative day, otherwise back to square one. 
This cream is pretty much for healing and not to totally prevent cracks and dryness. And so you probably have to consider other ways of caring for your feet, You can use a pumice stone to scrub away dead skin after soaking in hot water or salt water, protect your feet by wearing socks and do take a break from standing or walking for too long. What I definitely need is discipline to apply the cream diligently.  
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  1. I got excited when I saw your header cause I've seen this brand selling at Watsons here in SG. Seems it's quite a reputable brand. First & foremost, I've to counter my laziness first. Definitely love to try this product!

  2. I am a huge walker so taking care of my heels is something I should do more often.

  3. Sounds really promising!! I would love to try this! :)


  4. I also tend to ignore my foot care due to lack of time.. great review Navi :))

  5. I tried that some time back on my cracking heel due to long period on safety boot.

  6. These dry heels are one pain,they creep in as soon as well stop applying the cream


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