Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eastern & Oriental Hotel - Premium Suite, Penang (Part 1)

Upon arrival in Penang, we spend a night in Ixora Hotel, the next day, we checked into Flamingo Hotel. For the next few hours, we came over to Ayer Hitam for the highly spoken about Ayer Hitam Asam Laksa and then I visited Ke Lok Si Temple. The next morning, together with the big family we had lunch at Karaikudi Restaurant. While our family returned back to KL, we extended our stay for another day. Between the couple of hotels in Penang Island (Rasa Sayang Hotel), just like that without prior booking, we opted for E & O Hotel. However, since the normal rooms were already taken up,though my other half initially hesitated, he still paid for the Premium Suite. At the reception, while waiting for the key, we were served chilled fruit juice, thereafter ushered to the suite by the butler.  
Once I walked into the suite, I awed at the stunning ambiance and set-up. So lovable with a main lounge, main bedroom, guest restroom, bathroom and work area, most importantly overlooking the Straits of Malacca.

Spectacular, really it is. Totally akin a royal suite, I was all excited because this is my first experience of staying in such a suite. It took me at least an hour to calm down after inspecting everything, then I stood at the window and gazed straight up to the sea, later towards the swimming pool and the surrounding area.

Ah, luxury does not always come my way but when it does, I had to literally jump on the bed while my other half decided to catch up on his sleep.
More in Part 2.

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  1. wow...lovely pics dear :)

  2. A little debate and the cute tantrums led you u a really luxurious room
    Keep in touch

  3. wow!it looks like a nice and decent place...nice pictures too

  4. looks so perfect for a relaxed holiday. awesome clicks.

  5. This is indeed one lovely and stunning hotel.

  6. The place is really nice.. Thanks fr letting us knw thru ur post :)

  7. Lots of pictures, looks like a great suite.

  8. Hahaha! You're indeed adorable & your hubby must be taken in by your charm. Lucky you! I missed the chance to stay at E&O during my last trip to Penang :<

  9. One Gorgeous place that is! Thanks for sharing the pics... :)

  10. Enjoy the pictures Nava...indeed looks very nice.


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