Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eastern & Oriental Hotel - Georgetown, Penang (Part 2)

Buffet breakfast, morning bazaar and instead of returning to the premium suite, I thought I might as well see more of the hotel. We will be leaving in another 2 hours and perhaps I may not have another chance to stay here. So I started around the lobby, looked so close to the photos of the well known people, VVIPs and celebrities who've patronised the hotel. Of course some are familiar whereas the rest, I had to read to find out.

Next I walked towards the beach, pool side and practically to every corner of the hotel before returning to the suite to pack up and leave. 

Wish we could have stayed another day but then, duty calls on the next day, guess that's about all in Penang till we return again for another family occasion.

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  1. Hotel looks quite fancy huuh
    Keep in touch

  2. Looks like you had a fun little outing. Thanks for sharing your photographs.

  3. awesome ambiance! great to see Shivaji's pic there :)

  4. Penang 2nd is also interesting just like the 1st the clicks..

  5. This hotel seems to have a great history. Looks like a fabulous place to stay.


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